Remove airport waste dumper

I am no hero, yet I operated three stores that bear that name. I believe in heroes. They all share one trait in common. They become fearless at the time it is most necessary. I contend that if the highest paid city or county employee can plead ignorance to airport waste dumping, an especially horrendous occurrence of notoriety, why can't the superintendent of schools or our police chief, the head of parks and recreation, the director of growth management or other high paid employees do it?

I call upon our city council to remove our airport manager, who has the responsibility inherent with that position. The state attorney general should investigate fines on both the airport and the airport manager. I call for a referendum.

David Lane

Rapid City

Man of no morals can’t comfort

Why should we as Americans expect a man with no morals — who many freely chose to lead us as president of the United States in the last election — to offer any real comfort in the face of horrible tragedies occurring in our country on an all-too-frequent basis due to gun violence perpetrated by obviously insane white supremacists and others with agendas?

I’m asking you Gov. Noem. I’m asking you Sens. Rounds and Thune. I’m asking you Cong. Johnson.

Have the four of you got an answer to that? Speak up. I’m waiting. But I’m not holding my breath. Someone said once, “Patriotism. The last refuge for scoundrels.” And it was about Donald J. Trump.

Steven Horst


Democrats offer no moderates

The truth about the 2020 socialist Democratic clowns is that there are no moderates, if by that term we mean those prepared to appeal to independents and Republicans as candidates who oppose the excesses of their party's radicals. Nor do any seem capable, let alone willing, of repeating Bill Clinton's "Sister Souljah Moment," when he established spectrum. That's a shame in a party where, according to Gallup, 34 percent consider themselves moderates and 13 percent conservatives. But no such person will be among those running.

That speaks volumes about the strength of the socialist radicals and what will likely shape up to be a race in which, despite Trump's flaws, he may not have much trouble convincing voters that his opponent isn't part of the political mainstream.

A few things President Trump has accomplished: Judge Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court, the stock market at an all-time high, he created more than a million jobs by undoing Obama's economic regulations. Manufacturing jobs are back, minority employment at an all-time high. The socialist Democrats have no policies. They only run on hate.

Rick Lewis


No veneration for president

Is it any wonder that we are experiencing a lack of veneration for the office of president? Trump referred to "draining the swamp" regarding the status quo of veneration for an office that he felt was degraded by the former president. During the years 2009-2016, Fox News laid the groundwork for the lack of respect pertaining to the presidency.

So what we have today is not only a complete lack of public reverence for the office, but the current occupant could care less. He never wanted to be president but sought to increase his wealth and power (win or lose).

The Republicans are taking all possible advantage of this situation. Their leadership has stepped backward into Dixiecrat style politics. The production of division rather than democratic ideals is what’s on their agenda. They have virtually given up on hoping for a more perfect union.

Obama was elected because the GOP had allowed the almost ruination of our economy. Remember 2008? Gas was at an all-time high, the auto industry was in big trouble and the banks were about to fold. It took fortitude to fix the oligarchs' mess (who are at it again). Democracy, it's what defeats oligarchical fascism.

Dave Freytag

Rapid City

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