War on drugs failed long ago

It's no surprise that the state of South Dakota is determined to maintain and prosecute to the bitter end every prohibitionist drug law in existence. History shows that once a government succeeds in wresting any right or authority away from the individual citizen, it is almost impossible for the citizen to ever regain that right.

The state claims to be concerned about preventing harm caused by drug use; if this is true, then surely it would want to take the most effective action to prevent this harm. The losing, 50-plus year old, never-ending, massively expensive, highly destructive "War on Drugs" is not it.

This is no longer in doubt; the verdict is in: the prohibition/incarceration-based War on Drugs has failed, and has been a colossal waste of money, resources, and lives. The ones most determined to continue this losing war forever are the ones whose salaries, power, or egos are the most dependent on it.

Zoe Wilfong

Rapid City

Maladjusted, antisocial and mean

In the early ‘60s, there was a TV cartoon where the villains were part of an organization called MAD (maladjusted, antisocial and darn mean). They were supposedly a group that was "bent on destroying the world for their own gains."

This thought was meant to be a ridiculous supposition. Fast forward 55 years and we have another implementation of this scheme except this one is a real idea. Of those subscribing to this notion are the religious "end timers" who some of which actually pray for the end of the world in the hope of finding some translated version of heaven. Is it just me or do these religious radicals seem to be not only a detriment to society but also a very real threat?

Guess which political party most of these folks identify with. I'll go a little further and say that their ideals are not only welcomed but also cultivated in the GOP. End time evangelicals, a very large voting bloc, combined with climate deniers and gun rights zealots (NRA leadership) seem to represent what is the most wrong in America today. It's no wonder that there is a filterless phony at the top of their ticket.

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Dave Freytag

Rapid City

Disappointed in airport actions

It is disappointing that we as taxpayers do not have an airport that cares about the flying public or the environment. The airport has been more concerned with adding destinations and yet another remodel.

It is fact that each flush of the toilet or rain shower sends the septic system into an emergency situation. The terminal was remodeled in 2013, and it is unnecessary to spend $4.5 million when what it needs are minor improvements and new escalators.

This remodel is on the heels of a 2018 $1 million remodel of the restaurant which added a beer wall and more food post-security. Rather than remodeling yet again, the airport should be concerned with improving the quality of services already available, such as expanding TSA, restaurant hours, and adding more seating so passengers can comfortably sit and wait for their

flight on busy days. They add flights and passengers but have done nothing to expand the footprint or square footage of the terminal, and a glass elevator won't fix that problem.

As frequent flyers, we have been watching this unfortunate situation for years and it seems to continue and not resolve.

Jennifer and John Miller

Rapid City

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