Does hate have no place?

Donald Trump has said that "hate has no place in our country" because we are a "loving country." Really?

Someone should total up the number of his tweets and rally vents that are seriously hate-filled and the number that are loving.

The scores would be especially interesting to journalists (the most evil people in the world), Democrats (too many nasty and hateful descriptions to list), four congresswomen of color (who hate America, and not including Maxine Waters, who has a low IQ and other disqualifying attributes), and even to the family of our late American hero John McCain. Words are not enough. The scorekeeper would see no sign of love for the journalist who was mocked by Trump's shaking and waving limbs before a national TV audience, or for people he wanted "body slammed" and "punched in the face" for interrupting one of his rallies.

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Love everywhere.

Marcia Mitchell

Hill City

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