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Mayor should not cut RSVP funding

The mayor’s budget is aggressive in two polar opposites: Making life difficult by raising taxes and fees for city services, while slashing many things that define our city.

Golf courses, museums, flowers and parks are on the chopping block along with tens of thousands of volunteer hours donated to schools, parks, hospitals, YMCA and our community with the hatchet poised over RSVP. Unbelievable!

RSVP generates more bang for the buck than any increase in taxes and fees. The cost to the good citizens of Rapid City with the ramifications of this budget is far more than dollars and sense. A very disgusted citizen.

Victoria Bjerke  

Rapid City

Nation has bigger problems than statues

It started with Robert E. Lee and now it’s expanding. History isn’t as pure as some might want to believe, but is removing statues really the solution? Personally, I don’t have much respect for the Confederacy, and it’s true that the Democratic party has a dark history. However, statues are not going to attack anyone, pose no danger and erasing that history isn’t the answer.

The way I see it, our “City of Presidents” is vulnerable; almost all the statues of Democratic presidents are in danger. According to the new criteria, Woodrow Wilson Elementary School may require a new name (Wilson was closely tied to the KKK). I would think Abe, our first Republican president, is safe on Mount Rushmore, but I’m not sure about the rest.

A better solution is to focus on real problems. For starters, there are more slaves today by far than at any other time in history. I wonder why that’s not on our radar.

Daniel Mulally

Rapid City

Noem bill hurts mixed martial arts 

Rep. Noem needs to come home to South Dakota and away from Washington. She recently co-authored legislation to regulate a professional sport like Obamacare. We don’t need additional government control of athletic competitions and events.

This bill, HR 44, if passes would impact mixed martial arts by: putting government in control; turning a thriving free market system into a government-mandated system; enlisting government bureaucrats to rank athletes; shifting power to bureaucratic boards over athletes and agents; increasing delays in competition; empowering special interests to poison the product.

Mixed martial arts is thriving. We cannot let Washington overregulation creep into South Dakota.

Don Barklow


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