Put fathers back in boys' lives

Krueger National Park in Africa had too many elephants, so park officials culled the herd, leaving a number of orphaned young bulls, which they relocated to a distant park. Sometime later, the distant park suffered a mysterious loss of rhinos. Eventually park officials determined it was the now teenaged bulls doing the damage.

The young bulls were entering musk (raging hormones) too early, which was causing their aggression. Why? Typically young bulls are nurtured by the herd into their early teens, at which time they are forced from the herd and move off to congregate with the mature bulls, who keep them in check. The solution to the problem was to move mature bulls in with the teenagers, and that solved the problem.

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Despite feminist propaganda, children need dads to love, guide and protect them. Ninety percent of the mass shootings were perpetrated by men with ineffective fathers. Men need to step up and care for their children. Red flag laws and gun confiscation will not solve the problem — dedicated fathers willing to step up to their responsibilities will go a long way to help resolve mass shootings.

Roger Thompson

Rapid City

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