Wall funding a wrong solution

Sen. Mike Rounds is proposing spending $25 billion on a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. This proposal contradicts evidence that the wall would not substantially affect the issue of illegal immigration, consisting mainly of legal visitors who overstay visas. The majority of the American people oppose the wall.

Rounds says fines and tightening of benefits would pay for the wall. Senator, you also claimed the tax cut bill you supported would not increase the national debt and would pay for itself. With the budget deficit slated to top $1 trillion, how did that one work out for you?

The wall was a campaign stunt put forth by Trump to whip up his anti-minority, anti-immigrant base. It has no practical value in the real world. Also, Trump sold the wall idea by claiming that Mexico would bear the entire cost. That tidbit seems to have fallen out of the discussion. Sen. Rounds, what is it called when goods or services are offered at one price and then the price is increased at the time of sale? Bait and switch, and it is not becoming of a United States senator to attempt to foist that con on the American people.

Bob Wilson


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Michael Bock


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