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Russia probe not a GOP priority

Democrats should be leery of the Trump-Russia investigation. Republicans control both sides of this issue. The supposedly impartial FBI helped elect Trump with their public opening and reopening of the Hillary investigation while keeping quiet about a Trump-Russia investigation that was in progress at the same time. Comey and Mueller, both Republicans, seem to be attempting to level the playing field after the game is over.

I hope I'm wrong, but I smell a GOP rat in this "dog and pony show." Should one really think that Republicans are whole heartedly helping Dems in their quest to expose possible Republican crimes? Will Republicans actually aid in harming their own party? Somehow, I don't doubt that we will see a colossal GOP "cum-by-ya" at the right moment approaching the next election. Given the fact that Fox News is a Republican arm, this could be viewed as an act of providence exposing the liberals.

By the way, if original "Antioch" Christians and Christ himself weren't liberal, what were they? Would they side with mammon or espouse judgment? My opinion — modern Christians could use a good long honest look in the mirror, but alas blindness seems preferable.

Dave Freytag

Rapid City

Obama admistration spent too much

Merry Christmas everyone. Just finished reading how the recent tax cut bill will increase the federal debt by $1.5 trillion over the next ten years. I would remind everyone that the last Democratic administration added roughly $11 trillion to the national debt.

I caution everyone that the administration had to be carrying the money out of D.C. in suitcases to rack up that kind of deficit spending. I now believe the Department of State was involved, was negligent and or incompetent.

The citizens should be demanding an audit accounting of how an administration could spend eight years of tax revenue, somewhere around $16 trillion, and also deficit spend $11 trillion in eight years. Just saying.

In anyone else tracking this excessive spending? Any news media folks interested in how an administration can spend $26 trillion in eight years? Really, I am curious. Let me know if you care.

Mike Klein


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