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Happy to read about Noem’s goals

I was happy to read the recent opinion page column by our in-coming governor Kristi Noem, “Setting goals as governor of SD.” Noem told Journal readers of her plans to get South Dakota residents united to help improve education, law enforcement, the job situation, and other major issues that impact all of us in South Dakota.

I thought that Noem is really going to work hard at helping South Dakota citizens. I hope that Noem keeps reaching out to us on a regular basis with her news and views on issues (like in this column). I hope that Noem visits often with folks in areas around our state to talk.

I hope that Gov. Noem will visit the Booth Hatchery and Archives (which she worked so hard to defend in Washington from possible shut-down) and chat with families while feeding the fish and the ducks. I agree with Noem that we have a great state and hope to see her and her family at the Booth Hatchery.

David Nickel


Farmers get taxpayer bailout

The headline in the Nov. 21 Journal said “SD Farmers get $19.4M from Trump.” That’s Incorrect. It should have read “SD Farmers get $19.4M from the rest of us miserable taxpayers.” I’m going to tune out the perpetual whining farmers in the future. Don’t break your arm patting yourself on the back John Thune.

George Kruse

Rapid City

PETA ads to remind travelers

PETA hopes its “I'm me, not meat,” ads at Rapid City Regional Airport will remind travelers that animals are made of flesh, bone, and blood, just as humans are (“Beef council battles PETA with its own airport ads,” 11/27). They feel pain and joy, form strong family ties, and grieve when they lose a loved one.

But animals raised for meat are treated like unfeeling objects. Cows, for example, are branded with hot irons, their horns are cut or burned off, and males are castrated—all without painkillers. At the slaughterhouse, cows are hung upside-down, their throats are slit, and they are skinned and gutted. Some remain conscious through the entire process.

We all have the choice between cruelty and compassion, but what does it say about us if we choose to be cruel when we have the option to be kind? PETA urges everyone to choose compassion, and opt for tasty vegan meats.

Heather Moore, PETA Foundation

Norfolk, Virginia

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