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Keep turkey in Thanksgiving

Always right before Thanksgiving a letter writer tries to convert everyone to become vegetarians and have a turkey-free Thanksgiving. I can almost assure that it is simply not going to happen. Turkey is fairly low in saturated fat, and I've never heard of a government warning or poultry hotline for turkey.

David Skorupa

Rapid City

Bullies who drive are dangerous

I refer to an opinion from the El Paso (Texas) Times dated Oct. 21, 2017, stating that "Drivers of pickup trucks are serious bullies."

I have noticed the same situation in Rapid City. Two winters ago, I was driving down a neighborhood street posted at 25 mph in the snow and ice — it can become even more treacherous as there are cars parked on the side of the road in front of houses — and an impatient pickup driver passed me at around 50 mph, seemingly irritated.

I realize that the Rapid City police cannot be everywhere, however, it is time to get serious with these drivers and try to report infractions. It is annoying and dangerous. This year, nothing has changed, and they continue to have a chip on their shoulder.

Gary Price

Rapid City

Good Rush hockey is back

Whether it's no affiliation, coaching system or other factors, this season's team is playing inspired, winning hockey. This is the most together team I have seen in several years. "One for all and all for one" is a good descriptor for this group of ice warriors. This unrelenting group has not taken off one shift this season.

On any given night, a new hero has emerged, from a grizzled veteran to a high-flying rookie, eagerly looking to put his team on top. Oh yes — no affiliation means you get to know the player's names. This is a group of players who want to play here and bring the winning back. If you just stay home and look at the box scores, you're missing out.

I encourage those who used to come to the old Rush games to give these guys a look. You'll see hard-nose, never-quit hockey from puck drop to the end of the game. Just a hint: If the boys get behind and you think about leaving the game early, don't. You'll miss the excitement. Go Rush!

Kent Hersey

Hill City

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