Recalling former Vietnam medic

I just came across an article from 2016 by Mike Anderson, "Veterans Remember Vietnam War." I was a medic alongside Doc Noheart in the 101st Airborne. Hope Andrew continues to do well ... his warm heart is one of my fondest memories from those days. I'm at least one friend who is still very much alive, and wish I'd seen this article when it first came out. If you're still there, Andrew, hello from Doc Child.

Don Child


No good to hold onto hate

I had a letter from a town north of here complaining about my most recent letter about Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. I didn't read the whole complaint as it started out with an insult. In my letter I complimented Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders for “American” things they had said. And I stand by that.

In addition I would like to say it is no good to hold onto hate, or not be willing to give credit where credit is due. We need to be willing to do that in this country to break out of the cycle of hate which has engulfed the political and social media arenas. It says in the Bible that wherever possible be at peace with your fellow man (or woman). That is how our country was made great was by trying to live at peace with our countrymen. And seeing possibilities for common ground and compromise.

Though I don't support her for president, Kamala Harris said something good today. She said that our country is not about us and them, but about We The People. So it was and so should it ever be. Amen.

William T. Elliott

Hot Springs

Project has too many hoops

The “Samuelson Project” is a four-story, four-building apartment complex proposed at Fox Road and Mt. Rushmore Road along the Mt. Rushmore Road corridor. The proposed buildings would be higher than the nearby church steeples. They will be built on the highest piece of ground on Highway 16. The priceless view of the Black Hills as you drive south and top the hill will be diminished.

The complex is too close to Mt. Rushmore Road. The property is not properly zoned for high-density apartments. Mr. Samuelson is asking the city to change the zoning, reduce the setbacks so that the buildings can be closer to the road and remove the current height restrictions. Those three precedent setting variances are in addition to other possible consequences involving drainage, gold processing soil remediation, safety and traffic impact of 700 vehicles during morning and afternoon rushes, not to mention the affordability of the apartments once the project is complete.

The Planning Commission has already said no the project. The City Council needs to support planning experts and vote no on the project Feb. 19. There are too many hoops.

Jeff Bendt

Rapid City

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