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Forest employees appreciate community support

A huge thank you to the community leaders, civic groups, business owners, service clubs, partners and the general public for their generosity and outstanding support of our furloughed Forest Service employees during the recent government shutdown.

The Forest Service’s motto is caring for the land and serving people, and while we were not able to serve the public during the shutdown, it was truly remarkable to see our communities step up to serve our federal employees.

People donated food and supplies; utility companies, phone companies and banks made concessions on payments; restaurants and grocery stores offered discounts; the YMCA and other recreation venues offered activities, and the list goes on.  

The employees of the Black Hills National Forest are back to work and glad to be serving all of you again. Thank you for your patience as we assess our priorities for the remainder of the year.

Again, many thanks to all that stepped up to help employees of the Black Hills National Forest during this difficult time.  We are truly fortunate to live and work in such awesome communities!

Mark Van Every

Forest Supervisor, Black Hills National Forest

Secure our southern border

More and more folks are concerned about the many thousands of immigrants currently heading to, or at, or southern border. These caravans are organized and funded by the drug and human trafficking cartels. American groups brief the immigrants what to do and say once they have illegally entered our country. Our southern border is unsecure and our immigration policy is correctly considered a joke by the rest of the world.

Why do we have such a weak-sister immigration policy? Is it because some politicians want illegal immigrants in their districts/states because more federal money flows into their districts/states plus they get more representatives elected? Is it because many of the politicians are self-serving, inept or lazy, or all three? Is it because the lobbyists will not allow a firm, but fair policy?

It is fully documented that the cartels bribe politicians and government officials in countries in Central and South America as well as Mexico to allow the free movement of drugs and illegal immigrants. Is it possible that the cartels also bribe our politicians and government officials to keep our southern border open without a real immigration policy? Sadly, very probable! 

David Hall 

Box Elder

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