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Secure our southern border

More and more folks are concerned about the many thousands of immigrants currently heading to, or at, or southern border. These caravans are organized and funded by the drug and human trafficking cartels. American groups brief the immigrants what to do and say once they have illegally entered our country. Our southern border is not secure and our immigration policy is correctly considered a joke by the rest of the world.

Why do we have such a weak-sister immigration policy? Is it because some politicians want illegal immigrants in their districts/states because more federal money flows into their districts/states plus they get more representatives elected? Is it because many of the politicians are self-serving, inept or lazy, or all three? Is it because the lobbyists will not allow a firm, but fair policy?

It is fully documented that the cartels bribe politicians and government officials in countries in Central and South America as well as Mexico to allow the free movement of drugs and illegal immigrants. Is it possible that the cartels also bribe our politicians and government officials to keep our southern border open without a real immigration policy? Sadly, very probable! 

David Hall 

Box Elder

Shutdown held workers hostage

Law enforcement agencies and most nations advise against or prohibit paying ransom to those who take hostages. During our last governmental shut down almost one million federal employees became hostages by withholding their pay and in many cases, demanding they work without pay all because of our national political disagreement concerning southern border wall. This hostage taking method to sway the outcome of any political disagreement is immoral and ought to be illegal. Please ask our congressional team to enact legislation that prohibits future governmental shutdowns being used by either Congress or the President for the purpose of swaying an outcome of any political disagreement.

South Dakota has many federal employees with our huge agricultural output and a tourist industries made possible by our many national forests, parks and monuments. South Dakota supports these industries while ranking 49th in employment of migrate workers. Therefore, our Senators should work to protect our interests and not to curry favor with Donald Trump by supporting his ill-conceived, simplistic, ineffective and emotionally based campaign promise for a southern border wall. Trump has sown the wind with his non-existent boarder crises, therefore let him reap his own whirlwind.

Lou Leahy


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