Ban late-term abortions

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam embraced a bill by Virginia delegate Kathy Tran that allowed for abortions to be performed until the moment of birth and went on to voice his support for infanticide if the mother desired it.

No wait! Don’t look there! Look at the really bad thing nasty Northam did. Northam either dressed as a Klansman or (Are you ready for this?) wore blackface in a picture posted on his 1984 yearbook page. Even Northam said the images shocked him and called it “horrific” and “horrifying.”

Keep focused on the shiny object. Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, DNC Chair Tom Perez, the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus, the state House Democratic Caucus, and the state Senate Democratic Caucus joined in the thunderous demand for his resignation. CNN even went so far as to label him a Republican.

It’s obvious the media doesn’t want our attention anywhere near the late-term abortion debate. Abortion advocates call these living, breathing children blobs of tissue and claim the moral and scientific high ground. A tiny beating heart means nothing to them.

Pope Francis needs to strongly condemn late-term abortion and infanticide. Please, no more “Who am I to judge?” nonsense.

Bill Miller

Rapid City

I stand for life

I do not stand in applause for New York; I kneel in anguish. New York (2014) had the second highest percentage of abortions at 33 percent in the US, and in 2015 approximately 35 percent of all pregnancies in New York City ended in abortion (CDC). Now, “The Reproductive Health Act” opened wide the gate for woman to kill their baby at any time, for any reason, and essentially by anyone without any consequences. Somehow it doesn’t sound very “reproductive.” It doesn’t even sound productive.

The National Center for Health Statistics reported 2017 total fertility rate (the expected number of lifetime births per 1,000 women given birth rates by age) for the United States of 1,765.5, which is 16 percent below what is considered the level for a population to replace itself. This is the lowest total fertility rate in the U.S. since 1978. This rate produces numerous social and economic consequences, but suggests that we are doing a good job with contraception; adding abortion and the rates of infertility we may just not have any children left to be inconvenient.

Historically, killing for convenience sounds familiar. The most fundamental right is for life, the dignity of human life; I stand for that.

Cathy Sowers

Belle Fourche

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