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Water-rate increase is hardly costly

I read a recent letter to the editor regarding water rate increases. The letter writer mentioned the rate increase was going to be about $1.75 on his water bill. It seemed hard to believe a 52 percent rate increase would only increase his water bill $1.75.

Well, I did my own research and my 52 percent increase is only $1.62 per water unit used and that's after five years. This rate increase is true for anyone who falls in the 0-10 units used per month. My first year increase is $.31 per unit used. My last water bill showed I used 2 units. So for the first year, any month I use 2 units, my monthly water bill increase is $.62 for 1,496 gallons of fresh, clean Rapid City water.

In time of a water crisis, you will gladly can go to the store and spend $2 for a 20-ounce bottle of water. Here's my choice, $.62 for 1,496 gallons of fresh, clean, regulated water or $2 for 20-ounce bottle of water. I'm voting yes.

Rick Brady

Rapid City

Hunting legislation endangers children

Does anyone who reads or watches the news really think our legislators need to put “more power back into the hands of parents and guardians?” SB 137, a proposal our Senate agreed to “30-4,” would allow children under the age of 10 to be taught to hunt in the field with supervision. Their parent(s) could decide for them that they should want to and learn to hunt, as “the best way to spur more interest in hunting.”

 Everything is wrong with this proposal. Who would be liable if the child tripped and fell and the gun went off? Not much wiggle room for boo-boos there. Would six-year olds be using child-sized guns? Who gets sued if one parent overrides another’s wishes and a child is killed?

 Children can already learn how to handle firearms on shooting ranges — no need to send them clambering about the woods with loaded rifles. In fact, they deserve to be protected, all together, from parents hell-bent on imposing their own dangerous hobbies on their children when they are very young and vulnerable. I trust our representatives will have enough sense, and compassion, to oppose this bill.

Naidine Adams

Rapid City

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Disgraceful showing by the Democrats

The pouting of congressional Democrats was disgraceful and they should be ashamed of themselves. They accomplished nothing through their disrespect. President Trump is our president whether or not you like him as person, a leader, his politics, his bullying attacks, his juvenile command of the English language or his self-serving antics. 

The pouting of Democrats was not un-American or treasonous. We are blessed to have a piece of paper, our Constitution, which guarantees freedom of speech and within that definition, freedom to peaceful protest. We can even make a spectacle of ourselves if it is done peacefully.  This has been done repeatedly by both Republicans and Democrats since the 1990's. 

It is time to change out the Senate, House and presidency with new Republicans and Democrats who fulfill their responsibilities to our country and its citizens. The current batch is a disgrace.

Steve Gray


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