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NASA puts tax dollars to good work

Some of the items in the news are truly out of this world. The short item in (Saturday's) Journal (by Marcia Dunn of the Associated Press) "Farthest photos ever taken, from nearly 4 billion miles away" was an out of this world news story.

It told how the New Horizons spacecraft (launched by NASA in 2006) had sent back a photo taken from almost 4 billion miles away. New Horizons is now headed to a close fly-by of an object a billion miles beyond Pluto on 1/1/19.

NASA has truly been your tax dollars at work working hard and doing a great job for you. I thank the Rapid City Journal for running this story about the New Horizons spacecraft. It really got me thinking on this cold winter day!

David Nickel

Spearfish SD

County needs to back off blind generosity

I disagree with our police chief on who to blame in these sad homeless demises.  Forty years of observation give me different conclusions.  In the upper Midwest, we've been isolated from nationwide recessions. No high unemployment rates.  Someone 50 years of age  may only need to look in the mirror to find one to blame.

Did these individuals work 18-25 hours/week while in high school?  With no debts yet, did they save earnings to start their financial footings?  After graduation, did they hit the ground running with full time  and employment?  If all answers are no, there's no financial foundation before age 25.

Who is to blame? With multiple entitlements, whose at fault when nothing exists for shelter?  Perhaps a liberal enabling socialistic system that gives without accountability or guidance.  Often, the more someone making bad choices is given, the more they have to waste. What if America backs off with it's blind generosity?  Replace it with a "you'll get surplus staples and like it" mentality. 

Mark Brown

Rapid City

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Prior councils did not kick the can down the road

I was a council member when we more than doubled the rates to build Jackson Springs , retire Mtn view water treatment and secure water rights from Pactola Resevoir and the surrounding land owners matter of fact the city purchased water rights at the site where the common cents is now they tried to sell the land for 2 million and eventually traded it for land near the airport in the transfer process some of the water rights were loss due to mishandling of the transfer the land now sits vacant and was purchased and is owned by the water rate payers it has also been discovered major water main leaks in the Johnson Ranch property that was dismissed as irrelevant and the list goes on.

I wish the city council members would take time to listen to citizen concerns analyze them and then give them some respect This vote is more about accountability then it is about rates.    The petitioners have no problem paying their fair share as long as the money is spent responsibly and all actors are held accountable.   


Ron Weifenbach

Rapid City

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