Do something about robocalls 

Senator Thune; You wrote a nice article about the problem with robocallers. We wish you would put some teeth in the solution, though. Talking about this and writing an occasional letter do nothing to solve the problem. We respectfully ask you to introduce legislation that would make an enforceable felony for those responsible to place these calls and/or require notifying potential employees that they are also subject these penalties.

It's time to stop talking about this and time to do something about it.

Paul Lindstrom


Don't allow apartment complex 

Rapid City Council has an opportunity to prevent mistakes of the past.

100 years ago it was okay to build housing along a major thoroughfare. Today it is not appropriate because in the next decade these roadways will expand and housing will be demolished, turned into businesses or the residents will be extremely unhappy.

Mount Rushmore Road is the busiest corridor in Rapid City for locals and visitors.

RC City Council is considering approval of a monstrous 350 unit apartment complex housing up to 700 residence 100' off Mount Rushmore Road. It will stand 54' tall and be a solid 125’ wall of building paralleling Mount Rushmore Road. Not only will it block any glimpse of the Black Hills to the west, it will also become a significant traffic and pedestrian hazard as it sits between 3 schools and two churches.

Multiple long range plans created by City Planning committees recommend against housing in this location. Instead, recommending preservation of the natural vistas to the Black Hills and development of employment and economic businesses along major corridors. Housing is not recommended so close to expanding, heavily travelled roads like this. Urge council to deny this Samuelson Project and build elsewhere.  

Bob Rosenquist 

Rapid City 

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