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Giago’s piece recalled horrors

The heartbreaking piece by longtime newsman Tim Giago on the annual December Big Foot Ride by hundreds of tribal people assists us in recalling the viciousness, repression and absence of morality of the U.S. in the deliberate killing of desperate human beings here in our own country.

The Wounded Knee massacre stains the hearts and minds of all who bear witness, particularly Giago and the Indian riders who have born the responsibility of remembrance for most of this century.

Tim’s newspaper career has been a beacon for truth in spite of the challenges, successes and failures unpredicted as he became the unsung hero of local newsrooms all over Indian Country. These days, 21 percent of American adults get news from YouTube, which plays videos endlessly.

The only security of all of us is in a free press and the only survival mechanism for the Lakotas is to know and continue to tell the stories of a government behavior toward the threatened, those who know what it is to be the victims of historical theft and murder. Tim has helped shape a community system guided by the judgment of his tribal people, and for that we will be forever grateful.

Elizabeth Cook-Lynn

Rapid City

Why do I write letters?

Do I think that my letters or anyone else's are going to convince brainwashed Bible-thumping Republicans to open their eyes to proven scientific facts or to formulate an opinion based on evidence? Of course not. They'll keep their attention focused on the lies and ravings of FOX News pundits and evangelical preachers and never make an attempt to separate facts from fiction.

So my letters are not for them. They're to let the intelligent, discerning few in this area know that they are not alone in their disgust for the ongoing war on truth and justice, and to hopefully encourage them to help stem this country's plunge toward total fascism.

Terry Painter

Rapid City

Resolve to reduce climate change

It’s that time of year when one is contemplating a new year’s resolution. It seems for most of us the standard resolution is to get back to the gym and lose weight, especially after consuming all the delicious goodies over the holidays, right? How about changing your outlook on life with another approach?

All of us here more and more about the increased devastation all over the world from intense fires, powerful storms, hurricanes, flooding, and crop destroying droughts. We also hear about the growing spread of diseases and increased health concerns often affecting people we know.

Many of these events are caused in some degree by climate change. What better way to start a new year than to commit to doing your part in the fight against climate change.

You could research the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, then write or call your members of congress to ask them to support the bill or to take some action to mitigate this crisis. Don’t you owe it to your children and grandchildren? Can you honestly say to yourself that you are trying to save our wonderful planet for future generations? See you at the gym.

Elsa Arns

Box Elder

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