Thune and Rounds disappoint

Upon the subject of the federal budget, we can focus upon senators Rounds and Thune. One day they are fiscally responsible, and then next day they are carelessly ambivalent.

Each possesses a 15th century mentality, much as does the current Oval Office inhabitant on a host of issues. For instance, by the year 1499, the observant student would find that walls had run their course in human history: Berlin wall, failure; Maginot Line, failure. And the list could continue on. Because some people just are lacking historical acumen.

Thune throws around $25 billion like it is confetti. Attempting to diagram a sentence spoken by Sen. Rounds will cause your computer to shut down.

Over the years, I've engaged both of these senators on a host of subjects. I've done so with many other political and business leaders as well. I've done this for over half a century. Each of these senators has exposed himself to me to be remarkably unremarkable. What strikes me most is that these two characters did not just plop in from the planet Neptune. Therefore, such realization requires a whole additional set of questions to be posited.

John Turner


CBD oils made life good

I am not able to work as hard as I used to, not even close. For the short time I tried CBD oils, I was working. But now that they have been taken away, my only choices are becoming an opiate addict, an alcoholic, a drug addict, or a lump on a log by staying in bed nearly 24/7.

I am on disability but want to at least try to live a normal life and not be a vegetable at 34 years old. I hate having to be on food stamps, Section 8, asking for commodities, etc. I want to be able to support myself. But the only way that is possible is legalization of CBD oils.

Please help the citizens of South Dakota. There are many of us going through the same situations. We are not asking for marijuana legalization. Only CBD oil. We don't want the high feeling. We want the true, healthy pain relief without all the bad side effects. I want to work again. Working helped my depression, anxiety, etc., because I was able to socialize with others and not be stuck in bed feeling worthless.

Miranda Heinrich

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Rapid City

One more game...

The oldest active player in the NFL and fourth oldest of all time, Adam Vinatieri has converted the most field goals in NFL history (566). In this day and age, extra points and field goals are not a given. This season has confirmed it. The game often can come down to a game-winning field goal or a loss due to a missed extra point. Will this be Vinatieri’s last game? As a fan of football, I don’t know, but all I can do as a South Dakotan is remember how proud we felt when Vinatieri kicked a 48-yard field goal on the final play to give the New England Patriots their first Super Bowl victory, a 20-17 upset over the St. Louis Rams in Super Bowl XXXVIII.

There's no way of telling what will happen this year in the playoffs, or how long a football player will be able to perform, but if you get the opportunity to watch the playoffs this year and the Colts are playing, maybe take advantage of seeing one of South Dakota's great players play one more game.

Kalvin Kurtenbach


Report news down the middle

In my opinion, any time the paper leans left or right, the news becomes editorialized. Consumers of the news not afforded the luxury of time to fact check what their reading accept the content as trustworthy. That trust carries with it a tremendous responsibility to report only the facts as can best be determined and let the consumers decide for themselves. Media, such as the Journal are our eyes and ears to a world of information we need to conduct our civic responsibilities and must be unbiased. Reporters must set aside any and all personal views, difficult as that may be, and give us unadulterated information.

To attempt to sway, manipulate or deceive your readers in any way will indeed earn the Journal the epithet "enemy of the people." Goal No. 20 of Antonio Gramsci's model for communist (socialist) subversion in the U.S. is "Infiltrate the press." Get control of editorial writing and policy making.

One only has to observe the New York Times, The Washington Post and most of the major media to conclude that Gramsci's goal 20 has largely been accomplished. Shun bias and report truth, regardless of the consequences.

Roger Thompson

Rapid City

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