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Shutdown affects good workers

I read several articles in the Jan. 2 Journal about the ongoing partial federal government shutdown. This federal government closure has put many federal workers in South Dakota and in America out of work.

These federal workers are just like private sector workers in many ways. They perform all sorts of jobs, have families, and depend on their paychecks. I work on a contract with a private group that helps older worker such as myself find work. My job happens to be at a federal facility in Spearfish. During the shutdown I don't work or get paid.

My job means much to me and I miss it terribly during the shutdown. I hope that our political figures can figure out a way to argue without throwing federal workers (our friends, relatives, and neighbors) out of work.

David Nickel


Rounds forgot a few details

Mike Rounds, one of our two Trump-enabling senators, must have run out of ink when he related all the things that happened in Congress in 2018 in his Jan. 2 op-ed. He conveniently failed to note that farmers are suffering low commodity prices because of the poorly conceived tariffs Trump has imposed.

There wasn't a thing about the treatment of young immigrant children being cruelly separated from their parents and sometimes being abused and, in at least two instances, dying, while in the custody of U.S. immigration authorities. Not a mention of the increased pollution of our air and water by increased coal emissions, and lead, mercury and other poisons we will have to endure because of blanket deregulation by the EPA.

The wealthy (including Mike) got a lot wealthier as 83 percent of the tax cuts went to the top 1 percent of the population while the stock market has recently tanked and taken a toll on our savings and investments. And finally, not a word about the ballooning budget deficit, thanks to more ill-conceived policies perpetrated by an incompetent president who Sen. Rounds wholeheartedly supports. Next time you write an op-ed Mike, tell the whole story.

Bruce Oberlander


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