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Abortion numbers are staggering

Since abortion was legalized in 1973, 60 million have been performed. Hitler killed approximately 5 million Jews. With rare exception, such as saving the birth mother’s life, 60 million abortions cannot be justified. I was unaware of this number.

I assume the people who support abortion would be shocked at this number. I believe that they would reverse their support. My hope is that people will share these facts with others. If abortion were legalized 45 years prior to 1973, that number would be 120 million. Of those now supporting abortion, their families may not now exist.

Allen McPherson

Rapid City

Americans are pawns in a power play

The president stated he would own the consequences by holding pay for federal workers so his wall could be built. He started this mess, actually forcing the issue. Now, he blames the other side ... like it was their idea.

It is a waste of money. Justification? The hoards breaching the existing walls, the MS 13, or drug dealers? All I see are women holding babies and families standing in line, willing to take the crappy jobs most Americans turn their noses up to.

This is an ugly game that hurts Americans, who are used as pawns in a power-play game for a wall that is not needed.

Linda Minkel

Rapid City

Walls are a huge waste of money

While we all know that our southern border security needs to be improved, to build a huge wall is only a waste of time and money. Throughout history walls have only become monuments to the stupidity and wastefulness of politicians.

Whether you go back as far as the beginnings of the Great Wall of China circa 300BC or the Berlin Wall in post-World War II Germany, walls have never succeeded in separating large numbers of people for long. The Chinese gave up even maintaining any of the Great Wall in 1600 and let it fall until they realized it could become a tourist attraction. Hadrian's Wall was little more than a visual division between what the Romans saw as the civilization of the Roman Empire and the barbarism of the northern English tribes.

The Soviet Union built the Berlin Wall to keep Westerners out and Easterners in. In the end they failed at both, and the fall of the Berlin Wall became an irritating reminder to Mother Russia of their failure and a symbol of political failure of a world power. We, as immigrants ourselves, must chose to learn from history or be condemned to repeat it.

Dean Flage

Rapid City

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