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Make CBD legal in SD

President Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill and CBD became legal across America. CBD was removed from the Controlled Substance Act. South Dakota still classifies CBD as a Schedule IV drug. Under the Farm Bill, CBD does not require a prescription. South Dakota still puts it in the same classification as Xanax, tramadol or phenobarbital. After researching the safety of CBD, the FDA approved its use as a therapy for epileptic seizures. CBD generally costs $200 a month. The cost of Epidiolex is expected to reach $3,000 a month.

My wife was able to manage pain in her ankle with CBD oil and CBD salve. Because CBD is illegal in South Dakota, she had no other option than surgery and opioids. After surgery she is still relying on OxyContin to control her pain. South Dakota would rather have my wife taking an opioid than a plant that has no serious side effects, cannot be abused and is not addictive.

Research shows CBD may help with PTSD, inflammation, sleep disorders, chronic pain, and anxiety. The study of CBD benefits is ongoing, so new benefits are likely to be discovered. Why is CBD still illegal in South Dakota?

Al Neva

Rapid City

Must we just accept gas prices?

The "Gully" article explaining the history of high gas prices in Rapid City was an interesting read, but the article referenced probes and inquiries from the '90s. We are now 25 years later, yet the problem still persists.

Do we just keep accepting higher prices for another quarter of a century? We aren't a small village clamoring to be heard. We are the second largest city in the state that should have city and state officials that represent our best interests.

Over the holidays, gas prices in Colorado, Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin were 40 cents cheaper than us. Is that price variance solely due to bulk gasoline and easier access to pipelines and refineries? Over the holidays, Chamberlain was $2.15 when Rapid was $2.39. Does Chamberlain have access to bulk gasoline as well?

Jonathan Free

Rapid City

Suspicions of Trump confirmed

The podiatrist who diagnosed Donald Trump with Bone Spurs for five years apparently committed the felony of falsifying medical records. Both of the doctor's daughters recently went on the record that their dad did it to get favors from Fred Trump, Donald's father.

When I heard that Donald Trump was diagnosed with bone spurs, I was sure it was a lie. My opinion of Trump has always been that he is a scared little man. As an example, I give his description of his spiral landing onto the safest base in Iraq. (Note that Trump didn't go to Afghanistan, which is a much more active combat zone.)

Trump said, "If you would have seen what we had to go through in the darkened plane... with no lights anywhere, in the pitch black... So did I have a concern? Yes I had a concern." You could see he was still shaken up during his interview. By the time I was 20 I had made at least a dozen spiral landings in active combat zones in the complete dark in Vietnam. (Oh... Scary.) I was unafraid and unconcerned. We had real dangers to worry about.

Robert Ackerman

Rapid City


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