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An apology to Joyce Kilmer

I hope that we may sometime see

The Journal publish poetry,

That even if not quite sublime

Would have a rhythm most the time.

In school we learned there was blank verse

And free verse — that seemed even worse!

I really hate to be a snob,

But is it just too tough a job

To spend a little extra time

And now and then pen words that rhyme?

For prose by any other name

Still reads like prose; 'tis much the same.

To each his own, I would agree,

The challenge, though, is hard to see.

Heck, Tweets by Trump or speech by Noem

Might just as well be called a poem,

Mere ramblings in my diary

Could too be labeled poetry.

200 words with which to play,

I'd best now halt and simply say,

"Poems are written by fools like me

Who love old-fashioned poetry."

Ken Hartman

Rapid City

Make cannabidiol accessible in SD

I'd like to address the issue of CBD or cannabidiol and how it is already legal in many states and is on track to become legal in all states ... except this one. Now CBD is a good herbal medicine, and I myself used it for sleeplessness right up until the state law changed and made it a crime for me to choose the treatment that worked best for me. For a product that you can't get high off of the state sure is taking a strange stance on it.

We the people want to choose our health care. There is talk of allowing CBD by prescription. Well why not make vitamins prescription only too while we're at it? Most states treat CBD products as an herbal supplement. Last time I was in Missouri, I remember seeing billboards on the highway telling me what exit I should take for a store that sells CBD products. I urge the state government to listen to the taxpayers and get with the times, legalize CBD.

The Farm Bill covers legalizing hemp, so why is South Dakota keeping hemp CBD illegal? I can't stress this enough. The people want it legal.

Brian Colson

Rapid City

Why are gas prices higher here?

My family and I enjoyed our holiday trip that took us to Minneapolis and Milwaukee. It was a long drive, but I enjoyed the gas prices which were $2.15 in Minneapolis and $1.99 in Milwaukee. Sioux Falls even came in at $2.05. Now that I'm back home, I'm naturally wondering why gas prices in Rapid are $2.39?

I know I'd appreciate some investigative journalism and an article on gas prices in Rapid by the RCJ. I'm sure others in our great town are curious about the price discrepancy as well.

Jonathan Free

Rapid City

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