Social media outrage and DiSanto

The case of Serenity Dennard intrigued our neighbors here in the Hills and far away for a short while. Sen. DiSanto has kept this case at the forefront of her public agenda and thus has become the latest unintended martyr for free speech on social media.

The personal attacks which occur on DiSanto’s page by her followers (attacks aimed at her supporters and her detractors alike) raise the ever-prevalent issue of censorship on social media, of politicians, of citizens. Does freedom of speech protect these individuals while they taunt each other, call each other cruel names, perhaps even make abstract threats? All in the name of a missing child?

The reality here is that while the answer is a resounding yes, we have far too many people who are outraged simply for the sake of outrage.

Even so, Serenity Dennard has been missing for five months. Her disappearance garnered national attention but news cycles have forgotten about her of late. Is any publicity good publicity? DiSanto and her page prove that it is.

The news cycles cross country have picked up these stories and Serenity is again being covered nationwide.

Nichole Sanchez

Rapid City

Goodwin paranoid

Tim Goodwin’s paranoia about four young women who are intent on the overthrow of the American government should raise concerns among the voters of S.D. as to the state of his mental health. Rose-tinted spectacles are all well and good, but his attempt to describe the president as some sort of political savior who has the interests of the United States at heart suggests the type of myopia which might prevent him from being able to distinguish reality and the truth.

Slandering your political opponents doesn’t win an argument. Evidence like the prison terms netted out to some of Trump’s henchmen is proof that there’s something rotten in the state of the White House.

Alan Austin


DiSanto doesn’t deserve credit

In response to the letters to the editor on July 22 in defense of Lynne DiSanto, I find the comments that Serenity Dennard would’ve been forgotten without her input to be offensive. What a slap in the face to our sheriff, Search and Rescue people and volunteers. Do you think they are still searching because of Lynne‘s input? Is she responsible for the dog search teams coming from everywhere? Is it possible that law-enforcement has more information than you do?

Sheriff Kevin Thom, his department and everyone that has assisted in this endeavor are owed apologies.

Lani Olson

Rapid City

Return to space

This Journal reader read the Associated Press story, "Moon back in NASA's court 50 years after 1st lunar landing."

It told how President Trump wants to send American astronauts back to the Moon by 2024 and how Apollo moon astronauts Aldrin and Collins want the astronauts sent instead to explore Mars.

This Journal reader agrees with both Trump and with Aldrin and Collins. I think that starting a major American push to study with astronauts the Moon and/or Mars could do much to unite Americans and gain much critical space experience and knowledge along the way.

I still recall the thrill and sense of hope I felt watching the 1969 lunar landing. It's time for America to do more space exploration.

David Nickel


Trump’s tweets rightly condemned

Thank you Mr. Bush for your reasoned, accurate and timely condemnation of Mr. Trump's racist "tweets” and subsequent statements. Then of course, we have Rep. Goodwin's courtesy column, which easily fits into the category of none of the above. The 200-word limit makes it impossible for me to correct, refute or allow me to address every one of his flights from veracity and reality.

All of Mr. Trump's lies, insults and flights from fact can easily be verified from on-record tapes and transcripts. To call out Mr. Trump, his policies and words is not anti-American. To question his moral compass and compare it to that of a lizard is an insult to lizards everywhere.

Lastly, representative, do not include my honorable service or that of my brothers and sisters in arms in your fawning, sycophantic defense of a known draft dodger, unindicted co-conspirator and coward; who only "honors" the military when he can use them as a prop or as pawns for his own self-promotion.

Do you honestly want your children, your grandchildren to grow up to be like Mr. Trump?

Brent Cogswell

Rapid City

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