Parking meters a big mistake

Since I don’t live inside the city limits, I don’t know whose brilliant idea it was to again have parking meters placed downtown, but here is my 2 cents. You had a downtown that was slowly dying, so you took the parking meters out. The downtown began to thrive. Just what do you expect to happen in the near future? I was surprised by the meters this morning, stood for quite a long time feeding the meter with coins and watched as the time very slowly increased.

Seriously, I wasn’t counting, but I emptied my coins to park for an hour and 14 minutes. I watched the time and was headed out the door just as I got a $15 ticket with no grace, because of course it’s all electronic and she was finished and it’s done.

So my one hour of praying for the city cost me well over $15. I won’t stop praying for the city, but I won’t be staying after and popping into Tally’s, nor will I stay and shop in the sweet stores downtown. I guess I will do that online, since I don’t have to park and they ship free.

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Rapid City, big mistake.

Amy Wagner

Rapid City

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