Where’s the honor?

To Sen. Thune, Sen. Rounds, Gov. Noem and all others who support Trump: Seventeen women have publicly come forward claiming sexual misconduct by Trump against them. If one of these women were your daughter, sister or mother, would you continue to support Trump?

Trump’s University has been proven to be a fraud, and he had to pay out $25 million to settle accounts. Trumps foundation was to support veterans but instead he supported himself, and he was forced to close it down. Trump’s businesses have hired illegals for decades, but after the media found out he fired them to avoid the hypocrisy. Trump constantly lies. Trump used Russia to help him win, circumventing our laws and he says that it is OK.

Trump uses contractors then refuses to pay them. Trump has filed bankruptcy multiple times and few if any banks will loan him money. Trump uses his power as president to attack anyone who says anything against him. Trump’s only interest is himself. To all those Trump supporters: Do you have no honor or integrity? Is winning the only thing of value in your democracy?

Brent Cox


Abortion remains an evil thing

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Our forefathers, foremother, felt it was necessary to depart from the British because they would not let us self-govern. Slavery and tobacco were the issues we made with evil to unite the colonies. After 243 years, we still accept another evil condition, abortion.

We are blessed with a country with those who sacrifice their lives for the principles of the United States of America Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. How can a country that pretends to protect our elderly, children, needy, veterans and legal immigrants support terminating a tissue with a heartbeat?

If you believe aborting a life because of an unprotected night on the town, incest or rape is a good thing, I hate to know what you believe is a bad thing.

Those who believe it is a violation to women's rights, open your eyes. Who benefits from a lifetime of regret for terminating a life? Who’s being played the fool? Place your efforts into equal pay, education, treatment and respect that the Democratic Party once stood for without selling your soul to evil conditions.

It was the Republican Party that terminated slavery, passed women’s suffrage, civil rights and clean and water act without selling your soul. It is a historical fact. Check the internet and the library before fake news.

Bradly Colling

Rapid City

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