Help Meals on Wheels

Maybe somebody out there can help me understand and see the big picture. The county is spending a couple hundred thousand dollars to upgrade the kitchen in the jail, because the equipment is old and outdated. Sheriff Joe in Arizona fed his prisoners bologna sandwiches, and they seemed to survive very well.

We have a kitchen that is critically small and not only outdated but obsolete. They feed over 500 people a day, most who have worked and paid taxes all of their lives but in their advanced age or medical condition are not able to have a decent meal without a little help. We will spend thousands of dollars to make sure that people that haven't done anything to help themselves or the world, but the people who have helped are ignored or made to do with very poor equipment. Why not help the people who deserve a little help and spend less on the people who have been and probably will be a burden on society for the rest of their lives? Sound a little harsh? Maybe, but it’s the truth.

The Meals on Wheels program needs a new and larger kitchen. Let’s help the people who paid their dues and deserve a little help. Somebody, city, county or state step up and take care of the people who deserve and need it.

Clayton Hieb

Rapid City

Fact checking Goodwin’s column

1. Irrational verbal assaults on Trumps character:

Trump is a vile human being, period. He revels in it.

2. Trump cleared by Muller:

No, far from it. Muller concluded Trump is a vile human being, and that he obstructed justice. Read the report.

3. Trump’s “plain speak” about the four congresswomen:

Trump is blatantly racist. Ask anyone not white.

4. The Squad is aiding and abetting our enemies:

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No, they are defending those American citizens Trump has consistently defamed; women and anyone not white.

5. Trump has led us to great prosperity:

Trump has compounded Obama’s economic recovery by trashing prudent regulations and ignoring our debt, to the detriment of future generations.

6. Trump has restored our exceptionalism and respect in the world:

What world do you live in? Trump has undermined our standing amongst allies and championed our adversaries.

“Tweet on Mr. President,” to your undoing in 2020.

Ross Rudel

Rapid City

Immigrants bless our society

In 1927, at the age of 23, my father-in-law, Giacomo Panerio, fled to the U.S. to escape Mussolini’s Blackshirts, who forcefully recruited members to their party by beatings, house burnings or killings. He said his goodbyes and set sail. That very night, the posse arrived with torches at his mother’s door but left when they found he’d departed.

Giacomo became Jim, learned English and worked in the Lead mine. He returned to marry and bring his wife here. Together, they toiled, saved and raised two honest, hard-working, well-educated children. I am proud that my country, in spite of many who weren’t welcoming, was willing to take in “[the] tired, [the] poor and [the] huddled masses, yearning to breathe free.”

Seeking asylum remains legal here in spite of the fears of some. Immigrants bless our society and our economy. They often take jobs others reject. They are almost twice as likely as the native born to become entrepreneurs (Harvard Business Review, Oct. 27, 2016); and their presence brings a healthy cultural diversity. Occupants of a burning building have a right to escape. A moral country has a moral imperative to help. Except for Native Americans, we all descend from immigrants.

Carol Panerio

Rapid City

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