It’s racism, no question

The headline read: "Trump is a racist. If you support him then so are you." The first part is definitely true, and to the second sentence I hesitate to say that all are, but many are. Saying "I don't like his tone but I support the direction of policy" doesn't give you much distance. Racism is racism no matter how you spin it. Silence about it is complicity. As a Lakota dude who grew up in Rapid City, I have been subjected to racism in many instances but never considered myself a victim of it. In spite of it all, I love Rapid City. It is home.

Speaking to the national and political climate, the right to make comments that highlight a "grievance" with the government's policies or an official such as President Trump are acceptable, or not anti-American. Let there be no doubt that when the President responds to those grievances by telling brown American congresswomen to go back to their original countries, that is racism.

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That response is a festering sore of the racist attitude that darker-skinned people with opinions have to be more grateful and mind their place in America. No doubt about it, that's racism.

Bob Bennett

Las Vegas

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