Lynne is helping

I'm writing this in reference of Lynne, one of your senators that has been involved of helping trying to find Serenity Dennard. It's so very sad of all the negativity that is going on in your state about her. You all should be grateful that she is a caring woman. You see she is a mom and she promised to mothers that she would help find this child, seeing no one else can find this child.

This is not for any type of gain, and people have to understand that I myself live in Michigan. I would take her as a senator any time. You all should be grateful and blessed that you have her. Not many people would do what she has done. She has weathered the cold on her own going through them mountains, or whatever you want to call them, hunting for a child that was searching for love. So wake up people. Don't damn this woman for trying to do what she feels in her heart that is right. I feel she is right. Give her praise. Don't give her negativity. All I can say is shame on some of you people.

Vicki Johnson

Flint, Michigan

Lay off Lynne

I am appalled at the story you published about Lynne.

If it was not for her this little girl's story would have been long gone forgotten. The adopted family was hoping that would happen. Guess it will not as long as Lynne keeps pushing forward. Now that so many of us have jumped on the bandwagon and want answers also, you strongly should start reporting some true facts and write a good story. The purpose of a local newspaper and news station is to report true interesting facts to us the public.

Looks like you would want to sell your paper by telling half-truths and attacking a good gal who truly wants this little girl found. We as taxpayers, who’s obviously part of our money has gone to support the children’s home, have the right to have it fully investigated along with all the employees. It appears it is time to stop searching the hills and start putting pressure elsewhere. Someone, somewhere knows exactly what went on that day. Hope you consider my comments and report true facts and lay off Lynne.

Lorena Derflinger


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Forgotten without Lynne

In regards to the letter to editor about Sen. Lynne DiSanto. If it was not for Lynne, Serenity’s name would just be a forgotten child and a statistic to the missing children for South Dakota.

Lori Nathan

Rapid City

Obsessed over Lynne

Obsessive-compulsive behavior may be the word for all the people that keep obsessing over Lynne. This is like a game to you people. Who in the world would keep threatening and hounding a woman for trying to find a child that is missing?

I have followed this case from the beginning and it's not because I am obsessed, it’s because a 9-year-old disappeared without a trace. Who in their right mind wouldn't want to find her? Unless of course, someone is hiding something. I believe people are taking their anger out on the wrong person. Take your anger out on the people that lost her.

And for Lynne to be popular, those days are over. She cares too much for a child to worry about her popularity. To the haters, just keep your head buried in the sand so the truth can be revealed. Oh, and I would love to come back up there again with any of you and search. Sorry, we don't live close by each other.

Lisa Parks

South Sioux City, Neb.

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