Doubts about Bob Mueller

So, is this the same Bob Mueller that led the U.S. into war with Iraq by testifying that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction? Well, yes it is. Mueller testified that Iraq possessed not only chemical weapons but also radiological weapons. So, after spending about $2 trillion and killing an estimated 150,000 Iraqis, we discovered that Mueller was wrong, they didn’t have weapons of mass destruction. But wait, there’s more. Bob Mueller and his closest ally, Jim Comey, destroyed the reputation of Steven J. Hatfill.

Hatfill was the guy that Mueller and Comey accused of mailing anthrax letters in 2002 and then leaking information about him to the press in violation of the Federal Privacy Act. Hatfill lost his job as an Army biological weapons expert and sued the federal government. He was ultimately exonerated of any wrongdoing and settled for $4.6 million.

Today, after spending $30 million investigating the president, Muller cannot convince himself the president is innocent of any wrongdoing even though he cannot find evidence to the contrary. Yup, the judge found our president innocent, now his crime is trying to keep from being hung for a horse he didn’t steal.

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Don Kopp

Rapid City


A letter to the editor in Thursday’s paper addressing the war on women was written by M.C. Bauder.

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