Don’t fund a rich non-taxpayer

Taxpaying voters gave over $24.8 million to Trump’s re-election campaign last week. He bragged during the last campaign that he’s too smart to pay taxes, and he refuses to let Congress see his tax returns. So why give this rich non-taxpayer any money?

Marian Reed

Rapid City

Celebrate freedom on the Fourth

I read the Journal article today "Area set to celebrate the Fourth."

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It told of July 4th holiday events coming up. This is a great reminder of what a great day the Fourth of July is. It's a day to celebrate our many freedoms in this great country of ours. It's a day to have fun with family, friends and neighbors.

I would urge my fellow Journal readers to combine their family fun with family celebration of our American freedoms. Go to a picnic or fishing, etc., and take part in an organized celebration of our free and great country.

I personally plan to be with the Lawrence County Democrats in both the Spearfish Parade and in the Lead/Deadwood Parade.

America gives us political freedom, and this is a great way to celebrate that freedom.

David Nickel


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