Re-elect Scott in Ward 4

I believe Ward 4 residents would greatly benefit by re-electing Amanda Scott for city council. Amanda is very driven and hard working. She possesses great common sense. She puts in the hours needed in order to get the best outcome.

Her dedicated time serving in the United States Air Force, her time as an IT specialist for a bank, and her supervisory/team building role at Pete Lien & Sons, Inc. have all given Amanda tremendous experience and training. I urge Ward 4 residents to vote for Amanda Scott on Tuesday, June 25.

James English

Rapid City

Amanda Scott fiscally responsible

Ward 4, get out and vote early (or vote on runoff election day — June 25) for Amanda Scott. She is the incumbent, which, in this office, is a good thing. Amanda Scott believes in being fiscally responsible and tuned into her constituents. We are a better city because of her. Keep her working for you.

Patricia Braun

Rapid City

Elect Jeff Bailie in Ward 3

I am writing to express my support of Jeff Bailie’s run for the open council seat in Ward 3. I served on a city committee with Jeff and found him to be one of the most considerate and fair individuals I have ever known. He listens to all sides of an issue and takes the time to understand the ramifications of any decision he might reach. I don’t believe anyone could more capably serve the residents of Ward 3.

Alton Cornella

Rapid City

Amanda Scott budget hawk

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I have served for five years on the Rapid City Council with the councilwoman from Ward 4, Amanda Scott.

Amanda is a self-proclaimed budget hawk, and she has earned the moniker. If the city is down on sales tax collections, she knows exactly what the amount is and asks how we plan to make it up. If there is a purchase of equipment for a department, Amanda wants to know if it is being added or replaced and be careful of your answer, she knows when the last piece was purchased. She is the Council member who regularly questions the finance officer about budget reserves and expected shortfalls.

Undesignated funds? She can talk about this for an hour if we would allow it. Community Improvement Funds? She will wax poetic on how they should or shouldn’t be used. Project over budget or under budget? The department heads know they must be able to defend their budget to Councilwoman Scott.

I respect Amanda and hope to serve with her for another three years. Her time on the council has given her knowledge on all civic issues, but her forte is following the money. Vote for budget hawk Amanda Scott.

Darla Drew

Ward 5 Councilwoman

Rapid City

Amanda Scott represents us

I have read the most recent mailing from Lance Lehmann as well as reading again the campaign package he sent out prior to the first elections, which generated much controversy about his playing dirty politics and attacking Amanda Scott. I see these as a kludged packages with the specific purpose of playing dirty politics, attacking Amanda's personal integrity and letting us residents know how he plans on doing business.

I saw no such kludging in what Amanda sent out. Why? Because I believe Amanda doesn’t play the character assassination blame game or dirty politics. She is one of us as much as any other Ward 4 resident and it is us she cares about.

I’ve known her since the days she was raising her children as a single mom, before marrying her (also veteran) husband and working a steady job after her time in the Air Force at Ellsworth, all the while keeping everything at home safe and sound and in line with our Midwestern hometown values we are all very proud of here.

A vote for Amanda Scott for Ward 4 is a vote for us.

Dave Meltz

Rapid City

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