Thune and Rounds complicit

It is precisely because of the immigration policies of the current Oval Office inhabitant that we see concentration camps for children — camps where the conditions deserve the scornful indictment of crimes against humanity.

Such policies are an exhibition of moral bankruptcy. Of course, moral bankruptcy is not a new province or new revelation regarding the current Oval Office inhabitant. The people of South Dakota fell hook, line and sinker for that garbage.

Then we have senators John Thune and Mike Rounds. Each has facilitated the expansion of moral bankruptcy by the Oval Office inhabitant. Thune and Rounds, each in their own way, has defended moral bankruptcy.

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Neither were forced to it. Both Thune and Rounds chose the path they took, and continue to take, each a slouch of integrity, each worthy of indictment upon crimes against humanity as well.

John W. Turner


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