Thanks for Eyapaha

I wanted to compliment all involved in the production and printing of Eyapaha. So very well done, and I have enjoyed learning so much from this publication. Thank you. Excellent work.

Nancy Haag

Chadron, Neb.

Fresh blood better for Democrats

Instead of trolling liberals, some writers here recently dismissed us as personally “hating” Trump, as if we can’t objectively observe his unfitness and poor performance. We “hate” the ongoing damage he does our country. That predictable damage is why the Russian government worked for him, against Hillary. The Mueller report says the Russians were also supportive of Bernie Sanders, evidence they believe he would be as divisive, as unconfrontational to them and as unable to advance an agenda as Trump.

Well, Trump did barely pry a badly timed tax cut from a Republican Congress. My golden retriever could have managed that.

Who can Democrats count on to win and advance the country? “Grey eminences,” famous old politicians whose turn to be president finally arrived, included Adlai Stevenson, Humphrey, Mondale, Gore, Kerry, and Hillary. Not a record of success.

Younger candidates with significant experience in the political game, but not long careers vulnerable to negative spin, who represented new ideas and fresh leadership, included Jack Kennedy, Carter, Bill Clinton, and Obama. Not that age and experience can’t be wonderful, but in a field of reasonable candidates, freshness and positivity will probably work better than old age or positions perceived extreme.

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Peter Hasby

Rapid City

Checks and balances broken

Our founding fathers were tired of the monarchies and dictatorships that had plagued Europe forever, so when we got our independence they set about to create a government that wouldn't let that happen here. Independent judicial, legislative and executive branches were supposed to accomplish this by being checks and balances on each other.

They would have been horrified to learn that 232 years later a would-be dictator would refuse to obey any laws, lie every time he opened his mouth, spit on the Constitution, side with foreign dictators against his own county, blatantly corrupt everything he touched and have nothing to fear from a Justice Department, Senate and Supreme Court stacked with lackeys loyal only to him and not the USA.

Furthermore, they'd be shocked to find that a majority in the backward states and almost half of the people nationwide would support such a situation. The old boys might have then wondered if their efforts would be worth it in the long run.

Terry Painter

Rapid City

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