Innovative firms benefit locals

This Journal reader was excited to read the Matthew Guerry article, "Hydroponic farm finding a niche." It was a good look at how Column Greens is a Spearfish-based hydroponic gardening firm which is selling hydroponically raised vegetables to some area public school cafeterias (including Spearfish and Belle Fourche).

I'm proud to say I worked for several years for Lunchtime Solutions at Spearfish Middle/High School cafeteria. The article mentions Justin Olson of Lunchtime Solutions is now buying some hydroponically raised produce from Column Greens to help feed students. This is a good example of how the local economy and new firms grow while providing needed products in an innovative manner. I worked at the Spearfish cafeteria before the hydroponics era but am not surprised to see it's still a leader in customer service.

David Nickel


 Senators doing shoddy work

The U.S. Constitution is analogous to a set of blueprints — blueprints for a most elegant construction. Senators Mike Rounds and John Thune are analogous to subcontractors who are supposed to use those blueprints to build to code. The voters of South Dakota are analogous to the general contractor who is to make sure that the subcontractors are building to code.

With those analogies we can expand. Neither Senators Rounds nor Thune are competent subcontractors. When the blueprints call for a 2 x 12 laminated beam, those two will substitute a 2 x 4 and call it a structural member. Or, most of the time, they will simply not place the required structural member in place.

Neither Rounds nor Thune are detail oriented. They skip all over the place in the set of blueprints, which as I said is analogous to the U.S. Constitution. The only reason those two individuals are situated in Washington, D.C., is because of the U.S. Constitution. That would be Article I, Section 3.

The voters of South Dakota must bear major responsibility for the failure of these two subcontractors for not building to code as the blueprints require.

John Turner


Senator’s silence not golden

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Sen. Thune: I received your post on “doing everything you can for agriculture” but no specifics? What is it that you have done or are doing? For example: Have you attempted to modify the Chinese and other country tariffs to assist South Dakota agriculture or ranching products? You are strangely quiet on this?

While Trump indicated he, not Congress, will send billions to farmers and ranchers to mitigate the economic loss due to his failing tariff policies, why have you and the Senate been so quiet?

On other critical issues facing this country: Nothing from you on Trump supplying $8.1 billion in weapons to the KSA for Yemen, even though Congress voted against it? Again nothing from you about trying to stop this?

Climate crisis, energy and water, emergency preparedness and so on and on, no comment, visibility or anything?

Please respond as silence is not golden.

Steve Quai

Box Elder

Trapping program a boondoggle

The S.D. Game Fish and Parks Commission recently voted to continue Gov. Kristi Noem’s “Let’s Pay Children to Mutilate Small Animals” program, despite overwhelming public opposition. In response to criticism that the program was implemented without studies on its overall impact on the affected species, we were told not to worry, that the effect would be negligible on overall numbers. Huh?

Having just admitted the program has no practical purpose, the reasoning shifted to “getting kids outdoors.” Again, huh? If that is the true purpose of the program, there are much more positive ways to achieve that goal.

How about having GF&P take those public dollars and work with school districts to have children develop and restore habitat, plant native trees, shrubs, and grasses, and improve water resources to the benefit of all species (including humans)? Not only is this a much healthier lesson to teach our young people, it also presents a much better face to the nation than Kristi’s cockeyed campaign of taxpayer funded animal abuse.

Bob Wilson


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