Trump setting stage for an Iran war

Trump is setting the stage to start a massive costly war with Iran to help him win in 2020. He has publicly stated that he would do anything to win, and his Republican supporters are willing to break any law, sacrifice thousands of American troops, and borrow trillions to keep him in office. They are willing to do this just as they helped Bush in his personal war in Iraq.

The Iraq war was a complete fraud set up with multiple lies to justify it. The Iraq war killed thousands of innocent lives, and cost us $6 trillion and counting of borrowed money that has yet to be paid for. Bush and his cronies did this to stay in power and Trump is following in his footsteps.

When will you Republicans learn that your party is quickly bankrupting our nation financially and spiritually? Sen. Rounds, Sen. Thune and Gov. Noem please do something to stop this.

Brent Cox


Livestock industry is changing                          

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The livestock industry is changing. New technology to reduce pollution and contain particulates on site is being developed. Why is not it being used?  Please ask your local pharmacist if the avian flu and swine flu now make up 50 percent of the flu vaccine we take every year. They will confirm that it is.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, disease is spreading between animals and humans. Documentation shows huge issues of pollution, failed contracts, failed infrastructure and producers giving up their family farms based on this failed model of ag production. 

I’ve been involved in many aspects of agriculture as a crop and livestock producer, CAFO operator, hog buyer and more.  I see the changes in farming and the livestock industry firsthand. Profits have shifted from the farmer to the corporate owners at the top of a pyramid type structure.  Foreign investors from China, Brazil, Canada etc., reap the benefits while leaving little profit for those at the bottom.

This style of agriculture is already obsolete. It has caused massive taxpayer bailouts with disease outbreaks, massive pollution issues, which in too many cases cannot be reversed, human health issues and so it goes.

 I will close with this quote from Robert Kennedy Jr.: “I always saw pollution as theft, and I always thought why should somebody be able to pollute the air, which belongs to all of us, or destroy a river or a waterway, which is supposed to belong to the whole community?”

Frank Kloucek 


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