Letters to the Editor, Dec. 15, 2019

Letters to the Editor, Dec. 15, 2019


Hemp approach is wrong

Helene Duhamel, appointed to state senate, is a pleasantly familiar face with a locally familiar, two-step stance on hemp.

First, she says police can’t distinguish it from marijuana, regardless that almost all other states’ police don’t find that insurmountable. Second, she believes hemp opens the door to legal recreational pot. Since only two other states ban hemp, in face of demand from consumers for CBD and from farmers for profitable multiuse crops, hemp bans will ultimately fail.

Under political pressure that overwhelmed medical judgement, marijuana was condemned generations ago as a “Schedule 1” drug, limiting research into its risks and benefits. Until that changes, it’s not unreasonable that officials selected by our voters resist the national trend to legalize recreational use. Current information does trend toward safe and effective roles for CBD, and with greater cautions and fewer eligible patients, probably for THC.

It’s questionable to prohibit marijuana while recognizing the disaster of prohibition of culturally entrenched alcohol, with its different spectrum of negative effects, possibly more toxic overall than pot, with alcohol and pot threatening different harms to different vulnerable users. Regardless, denying consumers harmless CBD and denying farmers profitable hemp seems likely to get anti-hemp legislators voted out.

Peter Hasby, Rapid City


Across the country. concerned organizations, institutions, and individuals are working to fight teenage cyber bullying. No one doubts the seriousness of the problem. Except, it seems, for one person.

The President of the United States has just cyber bullied a sixteen-year-old girl whom Time Magazine chose for Person of the Year honors. Any other president would have sent a congratulatory message to the child. But not this one. Inspired by jealousy, the magazine-cover loser sent a nasty, hurtful message to her. Teens everywhere can now say, "Hey, I can send mean messages to kids I don't like. Even the president does it." What a great role model!

The girl's response was far more dignified, far wiser. Here's the real role model for young people!

Of all the straws heaped on the camel, will this one, finally, be the one that breaks its back? The one that causes legislators who've made excuses for Trump time after time (including our own) to face truth and say "enough?"

Marcia Mitchell, Hill City

Move over Abe Lincoln

I am overcome by how smart Donald Trump is. He says he knows more things than even his generals that have had his back. How else could he play over 300 rounds of golf, tweet more than 10,000 times, tell 12,000 lies and take a hundred flights to his resorts. Aha, no wonder Trump says "talk to Rudy."

Rudy must be awful busy running the country. Notice that Kelly Conway is still around. Donald even gets people to be loyal to him in spite of the likely public abuse that is sure to follow. He tweets them "your fired" without any more said. He has already set a world record for campaign rallies.

Is he even a part-time president? What a genius he must be. He even tells the press what to look for in 'his world'. That's when he criticizes anyone who dares to cross him. It's like 'what I say you are, is what I'm doing'. hmmm? He is the ultimate master. He is the most transparent of presidents ever. Move over Abe Lincoln, DT is now #1.

David Lane, Rapid City

Very disappointed with the budget

I am very disappointed in the decision our governor made with concern to the budget for next year. I have kids and pay taxes. Being in a smaller school system, my kids have less access then many of the students in Rapid City, Sioux Falls, Brookings, Pierre, and the rest of the larger towns. Now, the proposal is to give them no increase when our state requires businesses to raise minimum wage? We are increasing minimum wage which makes McDonalds about $10 per person for a meal. This means that everything is going up to cover minimum wage increases, besides for my students access to an equitable education! This is a gross injustice. Our government should follow our SD Constitution and get the required 3% increase.

The South Dakotas State Constitution calls for an annual 3% increase or the current Consumer Price Index (CPI) whichever is less. The current CPI is 2 percent. In order for School Districts to maintain funding for “Target Teacher Salaries” per the 2016 Blue Ribbon Task Force recommendations which became Codified Law 13-13-10.1 the Legislature and Governor need to pass the 2% CPI increase to K-12 Public Education.

Cut the State Government Departments!

Lesa Gropper Krajewski, Belle Fourche


I have to wonder what the facts are in these current impeachment hearings. I nor millions of other people may never know, but the information shown on TV or social media is very convincing in that Trump did commit acts for himself instead of the country. What I find interesting is the number of republicans that stand by him.

Since the republicans have the majority of the senate, Trump will not get impeached. My question is this. Why are republicans supporting him with such determination? I think I have the answer. If Trump (a republican) is impeached, then the republican senators may follow suit and also lose their position.

If I were a senator, I would fight tooth and nail to hold on to my lucrative high-paying (average $180,000) and power-yielding job. If Trump is not impeached, then my senator status is secure and I could care less about the constitution and integrity of this nation.

A republican senator might gain more prestige with their constituents if he or she were more impartial (less partisan) in their thinking. You decide. Let’s make America great again by not reelecting Trump.

Joseph Schiffer, Rapid City

Concern is misplaced

Why all the attention today on pet animals, especially dogs and cats?

People walking their dogs, picking up poop after them,spending hundreds on food, and sometimes thousands on medical problems. These animals will not pay taxes to keep Social Security and Medicare afloat. These animals will not care for you in your old age.

Would not it be nice to see more gals & guys walking their young children. We need more young people for many reasons, not the least to support the economy, churches, and the governments.There are times when dogs and pets are more appropriate. For example, for older folks, especially older singles, and for families that want to have a pet for their young kids to play with.

We all must help keep Social Security and Medicare solvent.

Jim Stephens, Rapid City

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