Letters to the Editor, Jan. 31, 2020

Letters to the Editor, Jan. 31, 2020


What happened to oaths?

To the editor,

What if others treated the oaths they’ve taken as lightly as the GOP senators seem to have done? For example, what if those in the military decided to disregard their oath? Or doctors made the decision not to follow the Hippocratic oath? Or personal financial advisors determine that they’re really not bound to abide by their oath to best serve their clients? Or law enforcement officers decided that their own interests superseded those of the public? Or your spouse disregarded the vows they took when you married? We expect that in each of these situations the oaths made will be taken seriously and abided by.

It is expected that jurors in a trial, especially an impeachment trial will carefully weigh all evidence and witnesses’ testimony before rendering their decision. Senators Rounds and Thune, we expect that you will allow all evidence and witnesses to come forth to give you and the public a more complete picture of the accusations against Trump. To do otherwise only shows that you are unwilling to uphold your oath and are going to extremes to protect a corrupt president.

Pamela Baum, Spearfish

Water supply is at risk

To the editor,

Did you know that Pactola Lake and Rapid City's entire water supply could be at risk due to proposed gold exploration by a Minnesota company called F3 Gold?

Concerned citizens packed the room on January 16 at the Forest Service "scoping" meeting in which Barr Engineering (F3’s consultant) made a short presentation about the Environmental Assessment (EA) which they have been tasked to prepare. However, there was no group Q&A time for everyone in the room to hear the same thing. Instead, we were only allowed to mill about, find a FS or Barr employee to ask any questions individually – quite the divide and conquer approach!

If you missed this meeting, there is another chance to let your opinion be known. Written public comments may be sent to the Forest Service through February 5. E-mail your thoughts to: comments-rocky-mountain-black-hills-mystic@usda.gov with "F3 Jenny Gulch exploration project" in the subject line. Or fax your comments to 605-343-7134. The scoping document is online at the Black Hills National Forest's website.

This is one of those rare moments when citizens of the Black Hills can speak out and make a difference to protect our water! Please take advantage of this opportunity and comment now.

Rick Bell, Rapid City

Land of the free?

To the editor,

South Dakota the land of the free? Hahaha so in a state with the State motto being “under God the people

Rule” you think we’d be about personal freedoms but with the state trying to first to ban CBD and now Kratom I beg to differ about those freedoms rather they are being stepped on by big state government getting in our lives and telling us what we can or can’t do with our own heath care choices, and what is next outlawing green tea? Kratom has no negative effects and can do much for many people sadly HB 1072 would ban a product I use daily to fight depression, anxiety and fight tiredness with the long hours I work. Now your results may very depending on style of kratom but my point is if I find good results in a federally legal product why should the state step in and stop the freemarket from selling me a good safe product? I shouldn’t have to be an overnight criminal having to order online or drive to the next state to get it. Please urge your representatives vote no on HB1072

Brian Colson, Rapid City

Support the bond issue

To the editor:

As a member of the facilities task force, a professional in the community, and a parent of two children who attend RCAS, I urge you to support the upcoming school bond. I have toured many schools in the district. We are in dire need of updated facilities. We examined an option of renovating our current schools and this option would have been more expensive than building new schools. Plus, this would not address our current and future capacity issues. The current plan does this in a solid, reasonable and financially responsible way. Voting no will not solve the current problem. Voting no will only cost us more down the road when construction costs and bond interest rates will go up. Voting no will create a real crisis when one of our facilities is not able to house students due to unsafe structural conditions. We have the opportunity to take responsibility to move our schools forward. The time is now. Vote yes on Feb. 25.


Lynette R. Quast, Ph.D.

Sam old, same old

The state legislature is a good two weeks into its approximate 10-week session. Sadly, it appears that this year will follow the usual muddle of bills as some legislators are off to a mean start with the transgender bill (at least Mr. Deutsch has moved the proposal out of the bathrooms this year) and the inane ban on a ban of plastic bags.

Come on people!! This state needs to focus on the big deal stuff: increasing Medicaid, providing assistance for the rapidly growing list of nursing home closures, increasing pay for teachers and state employees, looking at alternate ways to provide income to the state such as legalizing sports gambling and hemp production, revamping the trust laws, and yes, just maybe calling for a small personal income tax and (gasp) corporate income tax. One can hope that during the next few weeks, some of this will be accomplished.

And we (that’s you and me, folks) can make a difference: get to the cracker barrel sessions (www.aclusd.org/en/news/2020-south-dakota-legislative-coffees-cracker-barrels), email your legislators, CALL your legislators (www.sdlegislature.gov/Legislators/). Let them know we will no longer abide legislators who idle away our tax dollars by squandering time on these waste makers.

Mary Richards, Spearfish

In favor of removal

To the Editor,

Some reasons supporting the removal of Donald John Trump from the office of our President that are personal, important to people.

Think of our embarrassment as Trump revealed his weakness for beautiful women and what he said he did to them.

Forget not, this President’s treatment of asylum seekers, their children, babies and cages. Recall the “Wall” forced on landowners on the border without a negotiated price, let alone the impact on communities.

Remember President’s distain and ignorance of our Constitution. He believes it gives him the right to do anything he wants. However, it describes the right of Congressional Oversight. Recall how fast his Advisers depart, how few are replaced. (Is this how to complete” the destruction of the administrative state”?)

Do you enjoy POTUS’s disrespect for our Generals, Civil Employees, and Congressional Leaders. Can we tolerate his love of dictators, his trusting Putin more than our Intelligence Agencies, labeling Climate Change a “hoax”? Do you believe: our news sources are” enemies of the people”, that he will protect people with pre-existing conditions?.

Please remove this man from our sight, our Office. We have suffered enough embarrassment, enough sorrow for our constitution.

Elaine Whittlesy, Custer

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