Letters to the Editor, Jan. 5, 2020

Letters to the Editor, Jan. 5, 2020


Do you agree?

To the Editor,

An alarming number of Americans apparently give thumbs up to the following statements:

1. There are no facts; just opinions.

2. When science collides with mythology, always go with the myth.

3. Working people don't need a living wage--or health care.

4. The US Constitution is a meaningless document that has no place in today's


5. The president is above the law. His actions and statements should never be

questioned. He must never be investigated or charged.

6. Lying and cheating are acceptable means to our end--as is torturing children.

7. A free press is the enemy of the people. All news should come from state

friendly media (FOX cable e.g.), ala Russia, North Korea, China, etc.

8. Using public office to line ones pockets at the expense of, and detriment

to, the country is just doing business.

9. The skyrocketing national debt is no problem; we'll just print more money.

10. There's nothing wrong with conspiring with foreign adversaries to sabotage

American elections; winning is what matters.

You don't agree with these statements? Then why do you vote for those who do?

Terry Painter, Rapid City

Was that trolling?

To the editor,

On New Years Day in the newspaper of record for the city nearest Wounded Knee, a letter calls common knowledge about the massacre “mythology.”

It blames Lakotas for their own massacre, describes an equal fight, blames “stupidity” more than racism, more than the prejudice-based attempted incarceration of Natives seeking refugee at Pine Ridge after Sitting Bull’s murder at Standing Rock. 7th Cavalry troopers, with their dangerous historic legacy, lacked training or discipline to safely detain Lakota people. After scuffling with a deaf Lakota who refused to relinquish his expensive rifle without payment, soldiers exchanged fire with the few warriors who had not surrendered arms.

Warriors scattered, soldiers fired rifles and artillery into women, children and old men, and chased mothers with children fleeing on foot across across the prairie to shoot or stab them from horseback.

Twenty Medals of Honor were awarded for that day’s massacre, compared to eighteen awarded for actual heroism over nearly two decades of Afghan war, which renews the historic wrong every day that fact stands. Is minimizing and excusing Wounded Knee a mere mistake, as the writer claims the massacre itself was, or is it trolling Native friends and relatives, reopening wounds that need healing?

Peter Hasby, Rapid City

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