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School was right to allow walkout

I disagree with John Tsitrian's opinion piece that criticized the school administration’s decision to allow the 17-minute student walkout to honor the individuals killed in the Parkland shooting. I think the decision to allow an organized protest inside the school and without outside interference was a good one. If it hadn’t been allowed, many students would have left campus to find another location to gather and mourn, despite the consequences. It could also have led to ugly confrontations with adults trying to impose their opinions on others.

What a great learning experience for our youth – they discovered that adults do care about their feelings, and for many, it was undoubtedly their first taste of community involvement. If the 18-year-old seniors register and vote in the 2018 elections because of this new awareness, so much the better. Their voices should be heard.

These young people are growing up with active shooter training in the schools and the daily stress of wondering if they will be the next to lose their lives to gun violence. Perhaps their involvement and ideas can help craft a better and safer America.

Karen McGregor

Rapid City

Don't get snookered by arena opponents

Tonchi’s misinformation machine strikes again. Her strategy is simple: a project she dislikes for whatever reason is identified and her phantom unaccountable “accountant” inflates the existing well-documented bid by an arbitrary amount. Tonchi’s timing is impeccable and the fake numbers are scary.

Voters who did we entrust to make decisions like building a new Barnett Arena for us? Tonchi and her phantom or our elected officials who hired qualified consultants to study the situation? Rapid City branded South Dakota civic centers. If you don’t believe that then look at the performer’s panorama in the lobby.

Rapid City forget the phantom. Let’s take it to the next level for us and our children’s children.

Roger Knutsen

Rapid City

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Opponents want to take away all guns

There is no such thing as an assault weapon. Just the same as assault car or any inanimate object. Second the semi-auto firearms are not set up for shooting people. We hunt and target shoot and competition shoot with them.

Anything can be misused. Alcohol, prescription drugs, the list goes on. By the way, thousands more people die each year from prescription drugs, cigarettes and alcohol abuse so let’s get rid of alcohol and cigarettes because they are the problem not the people who abuse them right?

That is the anti-firearm mentality that is prevalent by the somewhat vocal minority. Do not be fooled. The end game is complete removal of all firearms.

Irving Stone III


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