Socialism has failed whom?

For the last several centuries, the white, Christian, capitalist’s (WCC) power structure and their beneficiaries who enjoyed their ill-gotten privileges have enjoyed power over all “others,” i.e. non-white, non-Christian, non-capitalists. Colonialism, the name for WCC invasion, occupation, oppression and various crimes against non-WCC, doomed hundreds of millions to struggles for survival. The rise of Nazism, mostly subscribed to by WCC, pursued the extermination of others. It took a war that claimed tens-of-millions of lives to stop the Nazi madness.

Over the last 350 years, the Native Americans have suffered the invasion, occupation, oppression, genocide, and various other crimes against humanity by the WCC. Over the last 300 years or so, the African-Americans have suffered slavery, oppression, discrimination, even unspeakable physical violence by the WCC. Challenges to the WCC system have been met with uncompromising opposition, including more invasion, occupation, oppression and various crimes against humanity throughout the world — the most notable being Vietnam — actually a war to preserve French WCC colonial rule.

More recently, add the WCC opposition in Haiti, Chile, Dominican Republic, Iran, Iraq and now Venezuela? Millions have died and millions of lives displaced and living in destruction, poverty, and misery. All efforts to escape the clutches of WCC colonial rulers are met with horrific violence. Now, the WCC are telling us that socialism has failed. Who failed whom?

The Scandinavians, have actually created societies with quite successful democratic socialism including some capitalism without the oppressive WCC system?

Douglas Erickson

Rapid City

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Prevent fires

Being a loss control representative for numerous insurance underwriters over 20 years, I want to give you some safety tips for homeowners, renters and businesses.

All extinguishers, home and business, should be checked and tagged annually. For home, attach dated receipt to the extinguisher bottle. All extinguishers need to be displayed in a conspicuous place in order to be used in an emergency. Do not put hot ashes or cigarette butts in with trash; use a metal container. No smoking in bed. Grills need to be at least 10 feet from the house or business. Are fireplaces cleaned?

Dust/vacuum around furniture, refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, vents, heat ducts, ceiling tiles, door trims, wall decorations, lighting fixtures, bulbs, fans and plugins. Change furnace filters and dust the furnace. Never tape over a switch in your circuit breaker box. Blow air from a hairdryer into plugins, air conditioners, curtain tops and lamp shades. Keep paper and clothing away from nightlights and outlets. Extension/appliance cords should not be frayed or cut or used extensively. Unplug curling irons, irons, coffee pots when idle. If using your self-cleaning oven, degrease oven first. And don’t forget your smoke detectors.

Sharon Czerwonka

Rapid City

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