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Guns protect us from government

Government has but one right — to exist as a necessary evil to complete “We the People’s” business. It has but three duties: Preserve, protect and defend. Government has only ever done one thing right; failing at everything. Now we have people running around demanding government is the only entity allowed to have guns.

"We the People" have the right to arm ourselves because government is a machine which grows in cycles. It draws its power from the power of the people. It cannot gain power without stealing power from the people. Under Obama, government was out of control, as the memos show. When people have all the power government is a useful tool for us to be protected from entities larger than us who do not have the same rights as we do. When government has the power, the people fear it, loathe it and rebel against it.

Mao Zedong did not kill up to 78 million armed people. Joseph Stalin did not kill 23 million armed people. Adolf Hitler did not kill 17 million armed people. These are the physics of humanity. When the weak are not protected, the wolves will come — every time.

Patrick Schubert Sr.

Box Elder

Mid-term elections far from certain

Most polls show that an awakening populace could give Democrats a big win this year. The polls, however, might again be too optimistic.

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Here are some interesting figures that I've not seen addressed by major media: 2016 statistics — blacks make up 13% of voters, Hispanics 11% and Asian and others 6%. That's 30% that Democrats should rely on but Republican gerrymandering and voter suppression tactics will probably cut that number to maybe 25%. Of the remaining 75% white voters, 33% have college degrees.  That leaves a 50% base of Republican whites that Democrats will have to chip away at, and chipping away at a group that has no interest in facts is not an easy task.

 To further exacerbate the situation, FOX "news" and Limbaugh will continue to inundate the airways with lies, and Trump and company will partner with their fascist Russian allies to sabotage swing state elections. This could be a much tougher November than some might think at present.

Terry Painter

Rapid City

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