Caution needed on KXL pipeline

Jay Davis' Feb 26 piece on reconsidering the KXL pipeline was right on the money. Thank you for printing such a clear and factual piece about a project that will affect not just everyone in South Dakota, but those in neighboring states as well. Here in Nebraska, we have exactly the same concerns Mr. Davis raised. There is much at risk and little to gain by allowing this dangerous and resource-consuming project to proceed.

Nancy Meyer

Cedar Bluffs, Neb.

Noem correct with hemp caution

Thank you Gov. Noem for your strong stand against the rush to hemp.

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While the ag community needs a boost, the rush to authorize this crop needs some serious thought first. The attorney general and the law enforcement community oppose this rush to hemp, because we do not have the ability to determine if the crop is hemp or marijuana. The dogs can’t even differentiate between them as the difference between the two is the THC levels.

But the more important issue here is that many of the proponents of hemp are also the proponents of the legalization of the gateway addictive substance we call marijuana. That reveals why there is much interest in this ag decision. We hear of the wonders of hemp, but not the price we may pay for its authorization. Ag may well see an uptick, the short-term gain. But South Dakota may incur some unintended consequences, the long-term pain.

Let’s not let the camel get his nose under the tent toward the production and legalization of home-grown marijuana.

Ed Randazzo

Rapid City

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