Trump antithesis of leadership

After reading a few recent letters to the editor supporting Trump, I can no longer hold my tongue. To deter any assumptions, I must preface this letter by stating I am not a Democrat; I repeat, not a Democrat. I was a lifelong Republican until the GOP lost its collective mind and nominated Trump to be their candidate. I have since been registered as independent.

As a well-educated person with a master’s degree in leadership, I can tell you Trump is not a leader. In fact, he is the antithesis of leadership. Leaders don’t mock others as Trump does regularly. Leaders don’t divide a country as Trump has. Leaders don’t lie as Trump does on a daily basis. Leaders don’t hide behind lawyers and fire people for having differing opinions. A true leader knows how to unite people. A true leader knows how to accept responsibility for their actions. And, a true leader leads by example.

It should concern us all Russia played a role in our election process (read the Mueller report). Treason. Trump has no respect for the rule of law nor our Constitution. He is shockingly ignorant, grossly incompetent, and wholly-unqualified for the office he holds.

Howard Scow


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Predator trapping plan wrong

What in the world is going on in South Dakota? Gov. Kristi Noem decided to kill small predators of nesting birds for the purpose of increasing the number of pheasants that can be killed in the fall. From articles in the Rapid City Journal and the Dakota Free Press, it even seems that she implemented the program using an underhanded if not illegal process.

The South Dakota GFP website reports that declines of pheasant since peak levels are due to habitat loss. Killing fox, badger, raccoon, skunk and opossums while they are having their babies will not increase habitat. Decorating this kill off with the idea that it is a good opportunity to get kids outside is pretty cynical thinking. Do we chop off the tails for $10 before or after we read our children a story about baby animals in the spring? Is this before or after we read a scripture that commands us to be good stewards of all of God’s creation?

This is a greedy, thoughtless and cruel plan. Perhaps real sportsmen and women will decide to boycott pheasant hunting in South Dakota. Call your representatives and get this stopped.

Candace Forrette

Billings, Montana

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