Ludicrous to link trapping, terrorism

I’ve read with amusement the various letters protesting Gov. Noem’s predator control program, which she implemented as a means of helping South Dakota’s pheasant population rebound. I thought I’d heard it all until a writer went so far as to link hunting and trapping with the mass shootings of recent years.

Youth hunting and trapping have been common and popular activities for a couple hundred years, long before it occurred to any misfit to pick up a gun and turn it on innocent civilians. If one is searching for a link to the lack of respect for innocent life we’ve witnessed, youth hunting and trapping is hardly the place.

It’s a positive that we have young people stepping away from video games, shutting their cell phones off, and taking the time and effort to develop the skill to go out to our prairies, forests, and fields to harvest their own protein or trap predators.

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The statistics from the trapping program indicate that thus far over 98 percent of the predators taken have been raccoons, skunks and opossums, which constitute the most common rabies carriers in addition to being top pheasant predators. It’s refreshing to see that our governor understands how many communities and families in this state rely on pheasant hunting as a means to pay the bills, and to take steps to help preserve a treasured South Dakota tradition.

Craig Kirsch

Rapid City

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