Tourism works for South Dakota

This Journal reader read the Jim Holland article about the recent annual International Roundup tourism trade show in Spearfish. I was impressed to see how tour directors from 12 nations met with "dozens of hospitality and travel destinations from" a number of states including South Dakota.

It was great to see how our state will likely get an over $22.4 million share of the tourist dollars in the five state region. This will help our economy greatly (jobs, roads, etc.)

This Journal reader has worked and volunteered at the D.C. Booth National Fish Hatchery and Archives in Spearfish. I urge local folks to visit their hatchery today with their families and see the historic and natural beauty that draws so many tourists from around our world.

David Nickel


Take action for our Earth

May 7 Journal article — “This is really our last chance” — UN report states one million different plant, animal species face extinction. Worldwide, scientists, researchers, and those who study biodiversity are sending a warning about the loss of creatures. These range from tiny krill in the oceans and insects most have never noticed, to large mammals such as elephants to whales. This extinction is occurring presently and will continue unless we act.

Our current Sec. of State — Mike Pompeo states: “steady reductions in sea ice are opening new passageways and opportunities for trade.” He sees the loss of sea ice in the Arctic as opportunity to open more oil, gas, uranium exploration and extraction.

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We share this planet with millions of species that are interdependent. Changes in biodiversity can influence human’s resources, such as food, energy, and medicines. As thinking, reasoning humans, we are the only ones who can effect change with this mass extinction.

If you care, get involved. Don’t just join but instead become an active member and move on up the ladder of engagement. Find an organization — become an active member. Get Involved.

Mary Deibert

Rapid City

Noem dictates how to raise kids

South Dakota's pest bounty program is a new way Kristi Noem is dictating to South Dakota parents how to raise their children. Why do I need her to tell me to tell my kids skunks are bad animals and pheasants are good animals?

Just remember, when your garden is over-run with rabbits, your home is infested with mice, and the prairie dog has taken over the ground, be sure to thank Kristi you don't have any small predators nearby.

Leanne Thompson

Rapid City

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