More untruths from the right

While the consummation of the public and the Mueller report findings still hasn't reached an acceptable resolution, the president’s so called "conservative" legal team is short-circuiting the process into what can appropriately be named their "midnight at the dirty book store" summary.

Their half-baked conclusions only satisfy themselves at Mueller's expense. Rudy, Rod, Billy Bar and Donny have no truck with truth, but self-aggrandizement seems to fit their strategy well.

Instead of draining the swamp, an actual "swamp-thing" is spawning offspring all over the place. Let’s not forget pretty boy Hanity and the friendly Fox five (whose pants must fit like a glove) in Trump-thing's menagerie of lagoon dwellers. Other alligators trolling the Senate subcommittees are trying their best not to get snagged up but alas they swim in the Trump Kool-Aid so in 2020, I'm sure the "grim reapers" hook will be making the Rounds, eh Mike. Or do you think you can still benda the rules? Too many scandals leave you short. And by the way Sen. John Thune, you don't stand tall in Trump’s wake either.

Dave Freytag

Rapid City

Thank you federal employees

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The National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association would like to thank and recognize these employees/retirees and their families and thank them for their service

Federal employees serve and protect us every day at every level across the country and in our community. At no time was this more evident than during the 35-day partial government shutdown earlier this year.

From ensuring safe air travel to regulating new medicines to maintaining a safe food supply to processing Social Security checks, civil servants are everywhere, yet invisibly so. And, contrary to popular belief, 85 percent of the federal workforce is located outside of Washington, D.C.

When natural disasters strike, they provide relief and help us rebuild. When mass shootings take place, they enter harm's way and care for the wounded. And, when once-eradicated viruses reappear, they investigate public health crises. Whether they are in the public eye or active behind the scenes, civil servants take pride in working for something bigger than themselves.

At a time when the image of civil servants is unfairly tainted, and the idea of a career in public service is not on the minds of young professionals, it's imperative that we recognize public servants and the noble profession of civil service. As we celebrate Public Service Recognition Week, let's thank a federal employee for keeping our country running safely, efficiently and for the good of the American people.

Nancy Dowding

Rapid City

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