SNAP proposal will hurt families

As a social worker, I see daily how SNAP is an essential safety-net program for my clients who are facing crises that turn their family stability upside down. The majority of my clients use SNAP benefits for less than a year when sudden life events (job loss, medical emergencies and weather disasters) leave families hungry and desperate for food.

Proposed changes to SNAP in the form of stricter work requirements would remove benefits and increase hunger among seniors, veterans, families with children and low-wage workers with unpredictable schedules — all this despite the fact that there is no evidence to support the claim that work requirements reduce poverty and that most able-bodied people who receive SNAP benefits are already required to work after three months on the program.

The House of Representatives will soon be voting on the 2018 Farm Bill (HR 2, the Agriculture and Nutrition Act of 2018). I urge South Dakota Rep. Kristi Noem to vote “no” on HR 2. If HR 2 is passed, thousands of South Dakota’s most vulnerable residents will go to bed hungry. Is Rep. Noem willing to let that weight rest on her shoulders? I hope not.

Danielle Adams

Box Elder

Rapid City has solid plan for arena

Fiction: The cost of new civic center arena used by the opposition to entice unsuspecting Rapid City voters to sign petitions for the upcoming referendum (they haven’t yet revealed their unaccountable accountant). Fiction: Unrealistically low-cost estimate for an even more unrealistic Plan C.

Fact: Rapid City is the gateway to world famous rocks and beautiful byways. What a good excuse to check out another great act at the arena — millions have done it. Fact: Rapid City-branded South Dakota civic center opens with Elvis Presley in 1977. Fact: Barnett has consistently hosted $300,000-plus grossing acts since 1977. Fact: Despite best efforts, Barnett is no longer attracting high-grossing acts largely due to an inadequate facility. Fact: A no-added tax burden and well-developed plan for a facility that has been historically successful has been proposed for a new arena.

This facility will surely make Rapid City, our beloved Star of the West, twinkle more brightly. Rapid City, there is much better fiction at the public library. Rapid City, facts are facts. Vote “yes” for the new arena

Roger Steven Knutsen

Rapid City

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