Elected officials beholden to money

I have had over the past few months one of those, what I think are, increasingly common interactions with our elected officials.

I am a member of AARP and upon their prompting contacted Sen. Thune regarding the outrageous cost for prescription drugs in the U.S. Now, this is a state of 800,000. He's hardly overwhelmed, but the response was formulaic. My initial question was: Why when I lived in Thailand — a totally unregulated, non-socialized medical market — did my asthma medication cost $10, and yet here it's $60?

The response was some waffle about making generics available, yet I was comparing exactly the same drug in two markets. So my next question to him was why can't I legally import that drug from overseas? Total zero response. Do these people actually work for the best interests of the folks they represent, or, as I'm increasing beginning to believe, they are totally beholden to the big money donor lobbyists?

Peter Hart

Rapid City

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Will truth ever triumph again?

As young Rapid City boys, we probably got a lot of our morality via Roy Rogers and Gene Autry movies at the old Rex Theater, where the good guys always won and justice always prevailed. Throughout life, though, we learned that that isn't necessarily so.

But never until 2016 did we witness the exact opposite playing out in our political theater when lying, cheating and treason became acceptable behavior for almost half of the American population.

What would Roy and Gene have done had they been around then? Would they have fought on against formidable odds like they always did in 15 cent afternoons of our youth? Our boyhood heroes are long gone but will their legacy survive? Will new heroes save the day? Will good once again triumph over evil? Or will the guys in black hats dominate this time? Exciting new episodes to follow.

Terry Painter

Rapid City

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