Unborn children deserve protection

Legislation sponsored by Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Oregon) prohibits research testing on cats. A bill sponsored by presidential hopeful Sen. Kamala Harris (D-California) would criminalize dog fighting.

I applaud these senators for their concern of our feline and canine friends. However, it is unconscionable and the essence of hypocrisy when those who seek to protect animals fail to provide humane treatment for the human babies who survive an abortion.

After New York erased all protections for born-alive babies, and the governor of Virginia endorsed infanticide, Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Nebraska) introduced the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. Sadly, the bill failed with 44 Democratic senators opposing the protection of babies who survive abortion. The Born Alive bill is doomed in the House with Speaker Pelosi refusing to allow a vote.

Most Americans believe babies born alive after an attempted abortion are now patients worthy of medical care. The Born Alive bill comes with penalties for an abortionist that fails to provide care to a child born alive while shielding birth mothers from prosecution.

Born Alive is about stopping infanticide, not restricting or regulating abortion. Our humanity demands that born and unborn children deserve protection.

Linda D. Schauer

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False hope from a fantasy escape

It’s an odd time, a season between, green grass in the day, nighttime snow. Familiar fantasy worlds interleaved with the real world melt away this spring. Six years of nobles clashing in Game of Thrones reaches a dark conclusion. After 22 Marvel movies, Avenger fans find the end of their universe. The Skywalkers’ five decade rule of the Star Wars galaxy has a climax “in the can," the Force touching commoners as it lifts admission fees from their pockets. The air is full of “willing suspension of disbelief,” agreement to go where authors take us for the pleasure of exploring strange worlds.

It’s counterpoint to the powerful belief systems underpinning our real world. Beliefs that our families love us, that our hospitals care about us, that our religions are true, that science is reproducible, that our economy rewards talent and effort, that our government is fair and accountable, all make our world go ‘round.

The painful and disappointing ways those beliefs can fail us drive us to fantasy worlds for solace. When we go there, on the best trips, we return with new hope, marveling at our shining interconnected world, confident we’ll never brook a tyrant craving any Iron Throne.

Peter Hasby

Rapid City

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