Commissioners let voters down

The commissioners who approved the permits for the Peril Pit — sorry, Perli Pit — have made the wrong decision. I can only conclude they don’t give a darn about their constituents or about Rapid City.

All the pertinent information is out there for everyone to see. We’ll see if Croell’s assurances about dust and noise, water levels, property values, possible radon levels, road safety and the impact on tourism have teeth.

Croell is trying to make a lot of money. That’s their business. What excuse do the commissioners have for how they voted?

Naidine Adams

Rapid City

Trump leading U.S. into a war

Trump is desperate to start a war with North Korea, Iran or China to improve his chances of remaining in power. He is doing the same thing Bush did to get re-elected, except Trump does not have a 9/11 yet to help him convince the America Public that we have to have a war. But Trump is working to give us another 9/11.

If we the people allow Trump to remain in office he will cause a $10 trillion war while spilling the blood of tens of thousands of Americans so he and the GOP can continue their war on the middle class, and poor for another six years. So far he has had the help of most Republicans, including Senators Thune and Rounds and Governor Noem. The Republicans have for decades wanted to destroy Social Security and Medicare.

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They want another war without taxing people to pay for it, causing massive new debt, creating such an economic disaster that Republicans will move to take down Social Security and Medicare to avoid paying for it with new taxes. No one likes to pay taxes but taxes are essential to our way of life and our freedom. Trump needs to be impeached.

Brent Cox


Trade deal impacts US sovereignty

The new U.S., Mexico, Canada agreement has hidden provisions that will destroy U.S. sovereignty.

Chapters 17 and 23 will open U.S .borders to any and all illegal immigrants and provide U.N. protections for them while they are in the United States. Chapter 30 creates a “Free Trade Commission” that will be composed of unelected globalist bureaucrats which will make rules overriding any and all U.S. laws the globalists do not like. It empowers the U.N., the World Trade Organization, the World Court and other globalist entities to overrule U.S. laws, thus destroying U.S. sovereignty.

These are just some of the destructive provisions in USMCA. At this time all three of S.D.’s representatives in Washington are in favor of this treaty. Contact your Congress people and insist they read the above chapters of this proposed treaty. Remember, they are not allowed to change anything in this treaty – only vote up or down on it. Insist they vote no on the USMCA.

Gary Velder


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